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{{Quick guide}}
{{Infobox Quest
|name = The Queen of Thieves
|image = [[File:The Queen of Thieves.png|300px]]
|number = 133
|members = Yes
|release = 9 November [[2017]]
|update = The Queen of Thieves & The Depths of Despair
|series = [[Return of Xeric quest series|The Return of Xeric]]
|difficulty = Novice
|developer = Mod Ed
{{Quest details
|start = Speak to Tomas Lawry outside the [[Piscarilius House]] bank.
|difficulty = Novice
|description =
|length = Short
|requirements = *{{Skill clickpic|Thieving|20}} [[Thieving]]
*Completion of the following quests:
**[[Client of Kourend]]
*20% [[Piscarilius House]] [[favour]]
|items = [[Stew]]
|kills = None
|recommended = One or Two Stamina potions
Xeric's talisman (Xeric's glade teleport)}}
[[File:The Queen of Thieves quest map.png|thumb|250px]]
*Speak to [[Tomas Lawry]] outside the [[Piscarilius House]] bank. {{Chat option|2I'm looking for a quest.|1Absolutely.}}
*Speak to either the [[poor looking woman]] or [[poor looking man|man]] in the house immediately west of him.
*Speak to [[Robert O'Reilly]], immediately south of here. He will ask for a [[stew]]. {{Chat option|1Okay.}}
*Enter the manhole to the east marked by the [[File:Dungeon map link icon.png]] icon, cross the bridge a bit to the south, continue west, then speak to [[Devan Rutter]], near the fish stall.
*Murder [[Conrad King]] (non-combat) on the dock on the southern side of the Piscarilius mess hall (the largest building). Pick any option.
[[File:Councillor Hughes' house location.png|thumb|200px|The location of Councillor Hughes' house.]]
*Go back to Devan Rutter, then enter the tent north of him and speak to the Queen of Thieves.
*Go to the house directly east of the [[Hosidius House]]'s general store, [[Little Shop of Horace]]. (Northernmost house in the 4 house block - northeast of Watson's house)
*Picklock the chest to find a [[Letter (The Queen of Thieves)|letter]].
*Return to Tomas Lawry {{Chat option|1Let's talk about my quest.}}
*Return to Lady Shauna Piscarilius (A.K.A. The Queen of Thieves).
'''Congratulations, quest complete!'''
{{Quest rewards
|name = The Queen of Thieves
|image = [[File:The Queen of Thieves reward scroll.png|center]]
|qp = 1
|rewards =
*{{Skill clickpic|Thieving|2,000}} [[Thieving]] experience
*2,000 [[Coins]]
*Access to [[The Warrens]]
*[[Piscarilius favour certificate]]. Reading it grants 10% Piscarilius favour. It is suggested to abstain from doing so if you are progressing towards locking the favour of other houses.
*A page for [[Kharedst's memoirs]], '[[The fisher's flute]].' It teleports players to the center of the Piscarilius House.
{{The Queen of Thieves}}

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