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The butcher is a book obtained from the Grand bookshelves in Verzik Vitur's treasure vault beneath her throne room, which can be accessed after defeating her in the Theatre of Blood.

The book details how the Pestilent Bloat came to be.


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She came. Vampyre. Verzik. Give us what we want. Pleasure. Pain. She unDerstands. We help her. We please her. She reward us. We fail her. Punishment. Want to please. Yearn to please. Only we know hOw. She wants us to create. Create a masterpiece. We live to serve. We will build it. IngredieNts are simple:

- Three gianT heads

- Body of disgruntled ogre

- Two crushed frogs

- Four blood buckets (human)

- Sense of pride

- Two cyclopes arms

- Apple pie (very important)

- Two caTablepon legs

Got ingRedients. Good. Time to bUild. Make her happy. Need reward. Need it. She can give. She can take away. She can please us. Must pleaSe her first. Getting disTracted. Time to build.

Sew it up. Make it nice. Lots of blood, sugar and spice. Leg goes here. Arm goes there. Even got some blood to spare.


Magical strawberries. Now it looks great. Make us happy. Make Verzik happy. Reward soon. Yes. Just need to sHow her.

Go to chambErs. She'll be so pleased. Oh no! Spiders! Hate spiders! Creepy! But no Verzik? Where? Only spiders! NO! Gone. Dead. How? Why? Life is lie! Don't undeRstand. Who? Seen to much! Coming for me!





Verzik pleased. We make masterpiece. Now all will see. Verzik make us happy. Pleasure. Pain. Ask us to stay. Look after it. It looks so nice. Cute. Pretty. Feeling proud.

Wait what?

Serafina? It was you?

Bryana freesia wadset!

Dav zed is kier!

Curial lowell syn!

Pleasure. Pain. Pleasure. Pain. Pleasure. Pain. Pleasure. Pain. Pleasure. Pain.

I hate apple pie.


  • The capital letters strewn about in the middle of some sentences within the book reveals the message "DON'T TRUST HER".
  • The three gibberish lines near the end are anagrams for "Serafina was betrayed", "Verzik is dead", and "Nylocas will rule", respectively.

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