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A thin snail is a piece of raw meat that is dropped by snails in Mort Myre Swamp. It may be cooked on either a range or a fire, requiring level 12 Cooking. This yields 70 experience and thin snail meat, which heals 5 to 7 hitpoints in one bite.

When used on a Pestle and mortar it can be used to create Blamish snail slime provided you have a sample bottle in your inventory to collect it. The slime can be used to create Blamish oil which is used for an Oily fishing rod.

Tools/Utensils None
Ingredients Thin snail
Cooking icon.png Level 12
Cooking icon.png Experience 70
Level at which it stops burning Unknown edit
Range Only? No

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Myre Blamish Snail 20 1 1; Always
Ochre Blamish Snail 20 1 1; Always
Undead lumberjack 30; 35; 40; 45; 50; 55; 60; 64; 70 1 3; Uncommon