This article is about the unenchanted tiara. For other uses, see Tiara (disambiguation).

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Tiaras are created with the Crafting skill with a silver bar and a tiara mould at a furnace. They require level 23 Crafting to make and give 52.5 experience.

To craft a tiara of a certain nature (such as an Air Tiara), the player must have the corresponding Talisman and a tiara, and use the tiara on the altar of the talisman. You will lose said talisman in the process of creating a tiara of any nature. For example, a player who wishes to create an Air Tiara must enter the Air Altar ruins, and use the tiara on the altar with an Air Talisman in their inventory. When at a runecrafting altar, using the tiara on the altar will combine the talisman and tiara into an equippable item, allowing the player to enter the altar without having to right-click, and saving an inventory space.

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