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Tindel Marchant is an NPC involved in the quest One Small Favour, where he provides iron oxide in exchange for a mattress. He is located on the southern dock in Port Khazard. He is also involved in the Ardougne Diary tasks.


Tindel can repair degradable armours such as Barrows equipment for the player at a price. The equipment does not need to be fully degraded in order to have it repaired. The cost of any repair is proportional to how degraded the item is. Alternatively, players can repair the armours at a cheaper price themselves at an armour stand in any player-owned house.

Rusty equipment

He will restore rusty swords and rusty scimitars for 100 gp each. They will randomly be repaired into swords or scimitars, ranging from bronze to mithril. Sometimes he returns around 2000 coins instead of a fixed weapon, saying that the item was an ancient artifact he added to his collection.

Barrows equipment

The cost for Barrows equipment depends on the equipment slot that the item is worn in. When fully degraded, Tindel's repair cost is as follows:

Equipment slot Cost to repair
Helm 60,000
Body 90,000
Legs 80,000
Weapon 100,000
Total 330,000