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Tinderbox detail.png

The tinderbox is used primarily for lighting fires by clicking 'use' on the tinderbox, then clicking a log.  A tinderbox can be bought in most general stores. It is also used to light and relight candles and lanterns, so any player venturing into a dark area such as the Lumbridge Caves should bring one in case their light source goes out.

The tinderbox is also used regularly in many quests.

The following places spawn tinderboxes:

  • Top floor of Draynor Manor near Professor Oddenstein's machine
  • On the wrecked ship on the north of Harmony Island
  • Next to furnace in the Eastern Wilderness Ruins
  • Searching certain shelves of the Wise Old Man's home gives a tinderbox, possibly book(s) and a message questioning why he keeps so many tinderboxes. This is likely due to Dionysus's eventual assault upon the Wizards' Tower. Though it is possible to quickly obtain multiple tinderboxes from it, your character will only take one at a time, and only if your inventory has none; this can be easily bypassed through the drop trick.