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Toad batta detail.png

A toad batta is a food that players consume in one bite, healing 11 hitpoints when they do so. Players need to make one as part of Training part I for the Gnome Restaurant activity.

Members can make a toad batta via gnome cooking if they have at least level 26 Cooking, and gain 152 experience points for doing so. To make a toad batta, players need to use Gianne dough with a batta tin and then cook it on a range to create a half baked batta. They must then add toad's legs, cheese, gnome spice and an equa leaf.

This item of food is an order in the Gnome Restaurant activity, and may also be obtained by an order through a Reward token. Many players may make this along with other Gnome Food, therefore only leaving the job of delivering the food, in hopes of getting a unique gnome item.


All of these can be bought from Hudo, except for the toad's legs.

How to make your own:

  1. Use the Gianne dough on the Batta tin.
  2. Bake the Raw batta on a range.
  3. Right-click on the Half baked batta and select "Prepare". Choose Toad Batta.
  4. Use the Half made batta on the range again to finish.


  • In the cookbook, it is called Toads legs batta rather than toad batta.
  • A Toad Batta respawn point can be found in Tarn Razorlor's dungeon.