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This article is about the weapon known as the obsidian dagger. For the similar weapon known as the obsidian splitsword, see Toktz-xil-ak.
This article is about the TzHaar weapon. For the dagger given to players during the Legends' Quest, see Dark dagger.

Toktz-xil-ek detail.png

The toktz-xil-ek (also known as the obsidian knife or obsidian dagger) is a dagger-like weapon. It requires 60 Attack to wield. Unlike other daggers, this weapon has a higher slash attack bonus than its stab attack bonus. Additionally, this dagger cannot be poisoned. Players can buy the TokTz-Xil-Ek at the weapons store in Mor Ul Rek for 37,500 Tokkul. This weapon cannot be made using the Crafting and/or Smithing skills.

When a Berserker necklace is equipped, this weapon gains a 20% damage boost. It is also affected by the Obsidian armour (helmet, platebody and platelegs) which will increase the melee attack and melee strength by 10%. The damage bonus does stack with the Berserker necklace.

Combat styles

CombatStyles dagger.png Combat style Type Experience
Stab Stab Attack and Hitpoints
Lunge Stab Strength and Hitpoints
Slash Slash Strength and Hitpoints
Block Stab Defence and Hitpoints

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
TzHaar-Xil 133 1 4; Rare