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Tolna (boy) chathead
Tolna chathead

Tolna is a boy who ran away from home (what appears to be Varrock) at a young age and stumbled upon a cavern, which would then be known as Tolna's rift. He is rescued during A Soul's Bane quest.

After being defeated, Tolna returns to his (original) human form, and is reunited with his parents. He safeguards the rift so that passers-by will not accidentally suffer the same fate he did. He allows players to enter the rift so they can train on the now-stronger creatures they encountered during the quest.

As a monster

A Soul's Bane - Fighting Tolna

A player battles Tolna in order to restore him to normal.

The dungeon's power morphed Tolna into a three-headed abomination who is killed in the final part of the quest. All three heads must be defeated. They are poisonous and easy to defeat for their level. In addition, if a player poisons one head, then all the heads are poisoned.

Each of the three heads, while having the same stats and defence bonuses, have varying attack styles and attack speeds that differ depending on whether the player is within melee distance of the heads. For example, the western head does not use melee attacks while the other two heads do.

Head Attack speed
Attack speed
Northern 7 (every 4.2 seconds) 8 (every 4.8 seconds)
Western 5 (every 3 seconds) N/A
Southern 20 (every 12 seconds) 3 (every 1.8 seconds)


  • Tolna's monster form has no chathead. Instead, his dialogue is spoken in the style of being told as a statement.
  • Despite its attack appearing to be one of magic, it is a range attack rather than magic. This is similar to the belief that the Penance Queen uses a magic attack when it is actually a ranged attack.
  • Tolna are similar to the dead hands in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However, they have no main body like the dead hand.
  • Despite Tolna's western head never using melee attacks, casting Monster Examine on it reveals that it has a slash attack that attacks every 6 ticks.
  • Tolna's southern head has the slowest known monster attack speed of any NPC, attacking every 12 seconds when the player is out of its melee attack distance.

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