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Tool Leprechaun (underwater) chathead.png

Tool leprechauns are non-player characters found near Farming patches around Gielinor. They provide two basic functions: store Farming tools and exchange harvested items into banknotes.

All Tool leprechauns can carry various Farming tools for you and you can retrieve them from any leprechaun:


  • There is a leprechaun on the roof of the Troll Stronghold that is laying in a chair and relaxing. He leaves during the battle against the Baby Roc and the Giant Roc, then comes back afterwards.
  • When the player tries to exchange cabbages into noted cabbages at the Falador farming patch, the Tool Leprechaun complains about cabbages and tells the player to take them away.
  • During the Lost City quest, the player can ask any of the tool leprechauns about the location of Zanaris. None of the tool leprechauns will tell the player, but will suggest that the player talks with Shamus instead.
  • Players are able to bring noted items to the leprechaun for storage so long as it is able to store them.