The toolkit is an item used in the Castle Wars minigame to repair catapults and the double doors, which are located on the 1st floor[?] of the castle.

It respawns on the 1st floor[?] of the team's castle, on the table nearest the water spigot. The room it respawns in is directly under the teams safety room, and can be accessed by two doorways that lead to just inside the outer wall of the castle. One is near the double doors, the other near the stairs. The room can also be accessed from the ladder that leads to and from the underground tunnels, and from the ladder that leads to the 2nd floor[?].

It cannot be taken out of the minigame once it has ended, but you can take it into the waiting room if you leave your team after the game has started.

The toolkit is often a vital item if you are a repair-person or a catapult-worker, as the other team constantly seems to light the catapults on fire, or damage the double doors. Only take one, because taking more than one wastes space, since the toolkit never stops working, like a tinderbox.

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