This article is about Barrows brother Torag the Corrupted. For his armour set, see Torag the Corrupted's equipment.

Torag the Corrupted is the second youngest Barrows brother. Torag's crypt is located to the south-west of the Barrows area. He uses melee equipment, which make him vulnerable to Magic attacks. Torag's set effect is Corruption, which gives him a 25% chance per successful hit to lower the player's energy by 20%; having 50% energy would result in 10% of it being drained.

Torag is often regarded as the easiest brother since his set effect does not pose a notable threat in combat and he is inaccurate compared to the rest of the brothers. He attacks using hammers, so armour defensive against crush is advised. Despite his inaccuracy, he can still hit up to 24 so the use of Protect from Melee is advised for players with low Defence. Protect from Melee does not prevent his effect from activating.

Torag is commonly defeated with the use of a trident of the swamp/seas, Iban Blast or Magic Dart. Players can also use Entangle or Ice spells on Torag to attack him from a distance. 

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