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An unlit torch may be used with a tinderbox to get a lit torch. It is useful for dark tunnels and smoking Hunter traps once lit. 39 Hunter is required to smoke traps. Smoking traps increases the chance of catching a creature by 2%.[1]

Unlit torches are dropped by many cave dwelling creatures including the level 49 and level 76-78 Catablepons, and Cave slimes.

Unlit torches can sometimes be found inside barrels.

They can also be purchased from these stores:

A torch is a light source that can be purchased in cities such as Dorgesh-Kaan, Shilo Village, Tai Bwo Wannai, or Yanille as an unlit torch. They are lit with a tinderbox.

When lit, can be used as light sources in dungeons and in some quests such as Shilo Village. Multiple torches (up to 3) can be used at the same time for brighter lighting (this also works with candles).

Buy limit Grand Exchange: 40.


  • Unlit torches found at Trouble Brewing will be destroyed when dropped on ground with a humorous message telling that "a monkey will scamper off with it".