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The Tower of Magic.

The Tower of Magic, also known as the Arceuus Tower, is an inaccessible building in Great Kourend's Arceuus House, west of the Grand Library.

Attempting to open the entrance doors will result in a Tower Mage stating that players cannot enter, due to Lord Arceuus wanting to keep his experiments undisturbed.

According to Pagida, an expert in the field of magical traps, the Tower contains many powerful enchantments concealed throughout the levels of the Tower, and hides many levels and rooms from sight.

From what can be seen of the interior, it appears to be empty. This is most likely due to content not being developed yet. However, players are able to visit the Library Historical Archive, which is part of the Tower. In addition, players visit a prison within the tower during the quest Tale of the Righteous.


The Tower was constructed under the rule of King Rada III, though the exact date of its construction, and its initial purpose, remains unknown. Following the rebellion of the five families against King Rada III in 5th BA (five decades before the signing of the Twill accord), the Council of Elders was formed, and the Tower was used as a meeting place for the Council. Since then it has been mostly used as a residence by whoever was ruler of the city, with each of the fifty different leaders using the tower however they saw fit.

It is known, however, that King Shayzien VII had spent more time in the Tower of Magic than any other king, and oversaw construction of various new sections, including a prison, which was built around the same time as the expedition to Mount Quidamortem in the 36th decade.

For the past two decades, however, the Republic of Great Kourend has led the Kingdom. As the leaders of each house prefer to reside within their own Houses, Lord Arceuus now controls much of the Tower, and is very secretive, forbidding access to the upper levels of the Tower.

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