Tracking is a Hunter technique that requires level 1 Hunter and a noose wand. Some kebbits live in burrows. To hunt them, search their burrows to find some tracks, which will lead away from the burrows. Search the nearby bushes, snow drifts, logs, tunnels, etc. until you discover more tracks.

At the end of the track, which can extend for 4-5 successful searches, you will receive a message suggesting that a kebbit is inside the object. Right-click 'Attack' while wielding a noosing wand to receive loot and experience. Each player follows a unique track and does not compete with other players to get kebbits.

Catching a kebbit gives the player bones, raw beast meat, and kebbit fur. The hides obtained from Kebbit Tracking can be used to make camouflage costumes. All camouflage outfits can be put in the armour case in the costume room.

Hunter icon Creature Location Experience Drops
1 Polar kebbit Polar kebbit Rellekka Hunter area 30 Fur for Polar camouflage gear
3 Common kebbit icon Common kebbit Piscatoris Hunter area 36 Fur for Wood camouflage gear
7 Feldip Weasel icon Feldip Weasel Feldip Hunter area 48 Fur for Jungle camouflage gear
13 Desert Devil icon Desert Devil Uzer Hunter area 66 Fur for Desert camouflage gear
49 Razor-backed kebbit icon Razor-backed kebbit Piscatoris Hunter area 348 Long kebbit spike for bolts
80 Herbiboar icon Herbiboar Mushroom Forest 1,950 Various grimy herbs
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