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For a list of all items and upgrades within the Construction skill, see Construction/All milestones.

A Treasure Room, guarded by a fierce rune dragon.

The Treasure Room is a room in Player-owned house that can be used to contain a reward for players who reach it and kill the guardian. It can be built at level 75 Construction for 250,000 coins.

There are 6 Hotspots available:

  • Guardian
  • Treasure
  • Door
  • Decoration 1
  • Decoration 2
  • Lighting


The guardian has to be killed before a player can get the treasure.

Item Level Combat Level Hitpoints Max hit Materials Experience
Demon icon.png Demon 75 82 79 8 Coins 10000.png x 500,000 coins 707 xp
Kalphite soldier icon.png Kalphite soldier 80 85 90 8 Coins 10000.png x 750,000 coins 866 xp
Tok-Xil icon.png Tok-Xil 85 135 60 Ranged: ?
Melee: ?
Coins 10000.png x 5,000,000 coins 2236 xp
Dagannoth icon.png Dagannoth 90 135 142 ? Coins 10000.png x 7,500,000 coins 2738 xp
Steel dragon icon.png Steel dragon 95 246 210 Melee: 22


Coins 10000.png x 10,000,000 coins 3162 xp
Rune dragon (Construction) icon.png Rune dragon 99 380 330 31 (all combat styles)
N/A (dragonfire)
Coins 10000.png x 25,000,000 coins

Completion of Dragon Slayer II

5000 xp


The treasure can only be opened once the guardian has been killed.
You must wait 5 minutes between adding treasure to your chest.
If you have more than one treasure chest then they act as one; adding coins to one fills them both, and opening either one gives you access to the full treasure.

Item Level Materials Maximum Experience
Wooden crate icon.png Wooden crate 75 Plank.png x 5 Planks Steel nails.png x 5 Nails 1,500 143 xp
Oak prize chest icon.png Oak chest 79 Oak plank.png x 5 Oak planks Steel bar.png x 2 Steel bars 1,500 340 xp
Teak prize chest icon.png Teak chest 83 Teak plank.png x 5 Teak planks Steel bar.png x 4 Steel bars 1,500 530 xp
Mahogany prize chest icon.png Mahogany chest 87 Mahogany plank x 5 Mahogany planks Gold leaf.png x 1 Gold leaf 1,500 1000 xp
Magic chest icon.png Magic chest 91 Magic stone.png x 1 Magic stone - - 1,500 1000 xp


Players have to pick the lock (using Thieving) or force the lock (using Strength) to open it.

Item Level Materials Experience
Oak door icon.png Oak door 74 Oak plank.png x 10 Oak planks 600 xp
Steel door icon.png Steel-plated door 84 Oak plank.png x 10 Oak planks Steel bar.png x 10 steel bars 800 xp
Marble door icon.png Marble door 94 Marble block.png x 4 marble blocks 2000 xp

Decoration 1

Item Level Materials Experience Cost
Round shield icon.png Round shield 66 Oak plank.png x 2 Oak planks 120 xp
Square shield icon.png Square shield 76 Teak plank.png x 4 Teak planks 360 xp
Kite shield icon.png Kite shield 86 Mahogany plank.png x 3 Mahogany planks 420 xp

Decoration 2

Item Level Materials Experience
Decorative blood icon.png Decorative blood 72 Red dye.png x 4 Red dyes 4 xp
Decorative pipe icon.png Decorative pipe 83 Steel bar.png x 6 Steel bars 120 xp
Hanging skeleton icon.png Hanging skeleton 94 Skull (item).png x 2 skulls Bones.png x 6 bones 3 xp


Item Level Materials Experience
Candles (Construction) icon.png Candles 72 Oak plank.png x 4 oak planks Lit candle.png x 4 lit candles 243 xp
Torches (Construction) icon.png Torch 84 Oak plank.png x 4 oak planks Lit torch.png x 4 lit torches 244 xp
Skull torches icon.png Skull Torch 94 Oak plank.png x 4 oak planks Lit torch.png x 4 lit torches Skull (item).png x 4 skulls 246 xp