Emote clues involve equipping certain items in a particular location and performing an emote. These types of clues are featured in all levels of Treasure Trails. Once the emote has been performed, Uri will appear and give the player the next clue (or the reward, if the emote clue was the final step of the Treasure Trail). If the player has been requested to do another emote before talking to Uri, and they forgot to do it, he will say, I don't believe we have any business... but will not leave. The player can still perform the second emote and then talk to Uri to finish the clue. Easy clues require performing one emote, medium clues require performing two, and hard and above clues require performing one emote, then fighting an enemy such as the Double Agent.

Note that wearing any version of a required item different than the standard one will not work (for example, a Rune platebody (t) will not work in place of a Rune platebody).

For players who do Treasure Trails frequently, it is not recommended to keep items for all emote clues banked, as hundreds of different items are used across the Treasure Trail levels and can take up bank space. Players with the appropriate construction level can build STASH units to store emote clue items near where the emote clue is located, saving bank space.

Medium Emote clues

Clue Items Notes Map
Beckon in Tai Bwo Wannai. Clap before you talk to me.

Equip green d'hide chaps, a ring of dueling and a mithril med helm.

Green d'hide chaps Emerald ring Mithril med helm Do the emotes within the barricaded part of Tai Bwo Wannai. Emote clue - beckon tai bwo wannai
Beckon in the combat ring of Shayzien. Show your anger before you talk to me. Equip an adamant platebody, adamant full helm and adamant platelegs. Adamant platebody Adamant full helm Adamant platelegs The combat ring of Shayzien is located south-east of the bank. Emote clue - beckon shayzien ring
Beckon in the Digsite, near the eastern winch. Bow before you talk to me

Equip a green hat snakeskin boots and an iron pickaxe.

Green hat Snakeskin boots Iron pickaxe Emote clue - beckon digsite winch
Cheer in the Barbarian Agility Arena. Headbang before you talk to me.

Equip a steel platebody, maple shortbow and a Wilderness cape.

Steel platebody Maple shortbow Team-1 cape Requires miniquest Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl and 30 in Ranged (to wield the maple shortbow)

While level 35 Agility is required to enter the arena itself, the clue can be completed without it. Upon entering from the gate, walk into the building located to the south. Inside the building, walk to the most south-eastern corner, and do the emote.

Emote clue - cheer headbang barbarian agility
Cheer in the Edgeville general store. Dance before you talk to me.

Equip a brown apron, leather boots and leather gloves.

Brown apron Leather boots Leather gloves Emote clue - cheer edgeville general store
Cheer in the Ogre Pen in the Training Camp. Show you are angry before you talk to me.

Equip a green d'hide body and chaps and a steel square shield.

Green d'hide body Green d'hide chaps Steel sq shield Access to the Combat Training Camp requires completion of the Biohazard quest. Equipping the green d'hide body requires completion of Dragon Slayer. Emote clue - cheer ogre training camp
Clap in Seers court house. Spin before you talk to me.

Equip an adamant halberd, blue mystic robe bottom and a diamond ring.

Adamant halberd Mystic robe bottom (blue) Diamond ring Ironman accounts must start the Regicide quest to purchase an adamant halberd. Emote clue - clap seers court house
Cry in the Catherby Ranging shop. Bow before you talk to me.

Equip blue gnome boots, a hard leather body and an unblessed silver sickle.

Blue boots Hardleather body Silver sickle Emote clue - cry catherby ranging shop
Cry in the Draynor Village jail. Jump for joy before you talk to me. Equip an adamant sword, a sapphire amulet and an adamant plateskirt. Adamant sword Sapphire amulet Adamant plateskirt Emote clue - cry draynor jail
Cry on the shore of Catherby beach. Laugh before you talk to me. Equip an adamant sq shield, a bone dagger and mithril platebody. Adamant sq shield Bone dagger Mithril platebody Emote clue - cry catherby beach

Cry on top of the western tree in the Gnome Agility Arena. Indicate 'no' before you talk to me. Equip a steel kiteshield, ring of forging, and green d'hide chaps.

Steel kiteshield Green d'hide chaps Ring of forging Emote clue - cry gnome agility arena
Dance a jig under Shantay's Awning. Bow before you talk to me.

Equip a bruise blue snelm, an air staff and a bronze square shield.

Bruise blue snelm (pointed) Staff of air Bronze sq shield South of Al Kharid, Shantay Pass. Emote clue - dance jig shantay awning
Dance in the centre of Canifis. Bow before you talk to me.

Equip a green gnome robe top, mithril platelegs and an iron two-handed sword.

Green robe top Mithril platelegs Iron 2h sword Emote clue - dance centre canifis
Dance in the dark caves beneath Lumbridge Swamp. Blow a kiss before you talk to me.

Equip an air staff, Bronze full helm and an Amulet of power.

Staff of air Bronze full helm Amulet of power

You need a rope to enter this cave the first time.

You always need a light source in the caves.

If using the Lumbridge Castle basement to access the caves via the northern entrance, you will need to step one square south of the cave entrance as the square next to the entrance does not work when you dance.

Two STASH units are provided, one near each of the main entrances. Building one of them will automatically build the other one.

Emote clue - dance caves lumbridge swamp
Jump for joy in the TzHaar sword shop. Shrug before you talk to me.

Equip a steel longsword, blue d'hide body and blue mystic gloves.

Steel longsword Blue d'hide body Mystic gloves (blue) blp Emote clue - jump tzhaar sword shop
Jump for joy in Yanille bank. Dance a jig before you talk to me.

Equip a brown apron, adamantite medium helm and snakeskin chaps.

Brown apron Adamant med helm Snakeskin chaps Emote clue - jump joy yanille bank
Panic by the mausoleum in Morytania. Wave before you speak to me.

Equip a mithril plate skirt[sic], maple longbow and no boots.

Mithril plateskirt Maple longbow Starting Creature of Fenkenstrain quest is required to access the area. Go north-west through the Experiment cave, entered through the tombstone south-east of the castle. Remember, no boots. Emote clue - panic mausoleum
Shrug in Catherby bank. Yawn before you talk to me.

Equip a maple longbow, green d'hide chaps and an iron med helm.

Maple longbow Green d'hide chaps Iron med helm Emote clue - shrug catherby bank
Spin on the bridge by the Barbarian Village. Salute before you talk to me.

Equip purple gloves, a steel kiteshield and a mithril full helm.

Purple gloves Steel kiteshield Mithril full helm Emote clue - spin barbarian village bridge
Think in the centre of the Observatory. Spin before you talk to me.

Equip a mithril chainbody, green d'hide chaps and a ruby amulet.

Mithril chainbody Green d'hide chaps Ruby amulet Players who have completed the Observatory Quest with level 23 Agility, 24 Ranged and 28 Strength may use a shortcut by using the grapple-able rock just outside the observatory; players need only bring a crossbow and grapple for the first trip.

Otherwise, players must navigate through the Observatory Dungeon to reach this clue.

Emote clue - think centre observatory
Yawn in the Castle Wars lobby. Shrug before you talk to me.

Equip ruby amulet, a mithril scimitar and a Wilderness cape.

Ruby amulet Mithril scimitar Team-1 cape Emote clue - yawn castle wars lobby
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