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This is the quick guide for Tree Gnome Village.
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Start point Quest point icon Centre of the Tree Gnome Village Maze, talk to King Bolren.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description The tree gnomes are in trouble. General Khazard's forces are hunting them to extinction. Find your way through the hedge maze to the gnomes secret treetop village, then help the gnomes fight Khazard and retrieve the orbs of protection.
Length Medium
Requirements Must defeat a level 112 Khazard warlord.
Items required
Enemies to defeat Khazard warlord (level 112)


Getting started

  • Talk to King Bolren in Tree Gnome Village. Accept the quest and you will be taken out of the maze. (Chat 21)

The three trackers

  • Speak to Commander Montai (red hat) in the south-west end of the battlefield (Chat 1)
  • Talk to him once to give him 6 logs, then talk to him again. He'll ask you to find the missing gnome trackers. (Chat 2)
  • The first tracker is towards the north-west of the Khazard Stronghold.
  • The second tracker is in a building towards the east side of the stronghold.
  • The third tracker is at the south-west corner of the stronghold. He'll only give you a riddle.
  • Click the ballista in the south-west corner of the battlefield and enter the third coordinate. If you miss, try again.

The orbs

  • Once you get a hit climb over the destroyed stronghold wall where the first tracker was found.
  • You can ignore or kill the level 48 Khazard commanders that will attack you.
Tree Gnome Village - Khazard Warlord location

The location of the Khazard Warlord.


Tree Gnome Village reward scroll

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