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League Points are used to unlock relics, which are league-specific buffs that are active for the duration of the league once unlocked. Relic selection is permanent and cannot be changed at any time for the remainder of the league.

There are five relic tiers and three relics for each tier. Players cannot lock or lose relics in remaining tiers by choosing a certain relic as relic selection has no impact on which relics are available in the remaining tiers. The first relic tier is unlocked from the start, while the remaining relic tiers are unlocked after reaching a certain amount of League Points.

Tier League Points
Tier 1 0
Tier 2 400
Tier 3 1,200
Tier 4 2,500
Tier 5 5,000

Tier 1

Relic Description
Abyssal Accumulator.png Abyssal Accumulator 85% chance to save Ranged ammo when fired (excludes chinchompas).
85% chance to save runes when casting spells.
Endless Endurance.png Endless Endurance Run energy never drains.
Hitpoints are restored at 4x the normal rate.
Dark Altar Devotion.png Dark Altar Devotion Dropped bones are automatically buried for 4x the normal experience (stacks with any existing experience multipliers).
Ensouled head drops are doubled.
Prayer drains at 1/2 the normal rate.

The tier 1 relics offer varied buffs that benefits players quite differently. The Endless Endurance relic provides helpful buffs for the beginning of the league when transportation and healing methods are limited. In contrast, the Abyssal Accumulator relic can save a significant amount of ammo/runes throughout the league and may be useful for players who plan on using Ranged and/or Magic more than melee. Lastly, the Dark Altar Devotion relic speeds up leveling for a powerful skill and makes it much easier to maintain Prayer points because of the reduced drain rate.

Tier 2

Relic Description
Hardcore Harvester.png Hardcore Harvester Receive 3x the normal amount of resources from Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, harvesting herbs, blast mining, and Farming contracts (additional resources do not award additional experience).
Receive 3x the normal amount of molch pearls from aerial fishing.
Farming cycles occur every 1 minute rather than every 5 minutes.
Arcane Courier.png Arcane Courier All Wintertodt supply crates and resources gathered from Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, harvesting crops, and blast mining are automatically banked.
Unnatural Selection.png Unnatural Selection Choose Slayer task assignments (back-to-back Slayer tasks are allowed).
Choose Farming contract assignments (back-to-back Farming contracts are not allowed).

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5