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{{Infobox shop
| name = Tynan's Fishing Supplies
| image = [[File:Tynan's_Fishing_Supplies.png|300px]]
| release = 7 January [[2016]]
| update = Zeah: Great Kourend
| members = Yes
| icon = [[File:Fishing shop icon.png]]
| location = [[Piscarilius House]]
| owner = [[Tynan]]
| special = [[Fishing]] supplies
| map = [[File:Tynan_location.png|200px]]
'''Tynan's Fishing Supplies''' is located in [[Great Kourend]]'s [[Piscarilius House]] due north-east off the docks. The shop sells empty [[bucket]]s, [[Small fishing net|small]] and [[big fishing net]]s, [[fishing rod]]s, [[harpoon]]s, [[lobster pot]]s, [[bait]], and [[sandworms]] (which are used to catch [[anglerfish]]es). It is run by [[Tynan]].
{{StoreLine|Name=Small fishing net|Stock=5|Sell=5|Buy=3}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Big fishing net|Stock=5|Sell=20|Buy=14}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Fishing rod|Stock=5|Sell=5|Buy=4}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Lobster pot|Stock=2|Sell=20|Buy=14}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Fishing bait|Stock=1200|Sell=3|Buy=2}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Bait pack|Stock=80|Sell=300|Buy=210|gemw=no}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Sandworms pack|Stock=50|Sell=9000|Buy=7650|gemw=no}}
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