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Tyrannical ring detail.png

The tyrannical ring is a ring dropped by Callisto south of the Demonic Ruins.

It is very useful when using crush weapons as the tyrannical ring is the only ring that provides a crush attack bonus. However, compared to the Berserker ring, the tyrannical ring does not provide any strength bonus.

It is often used with Dragon warhammer for its special attack, as it only reduces the enemy's defence if the player hits, which is where the tyrannical ring's accuracy bonus helps.

It can be imbued into a Tyrannical ring (i) using 650,000 Nightmare Zone reward points, giving it a +8 crush attack and defence bonus, instead of the usual +4.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Callisto 470 1 4; Rare (1/512)


  • On release, the ring was weightless. This was changed in an update.
  • The tyrannical ring is one of three rings that weigh more than 0 kg, the others being its imbued variant and granite ring.