The TzHaar-Hur-Zal's Equipment Store is located in Mor Ul Rek. It is located just south of the entrance to Inferno. The store is run by TzHaar-Hur-Zal. The store sells obsidian equipment and Obsidian armour for varying amounts of Tokkul.

If Karamja gloves 1 or better are equipped while trading with this shop, the prices of all items is reduced by around 13.3%.

If Karamja gloves 1 or better are equipped while selling items to this shop, item value increases by roughly 2.3x the normal buy amount. For example, obsidian capes can be sold to the store normally for 9,000 tokkul each. However, if the gloves are equipped they can be sold for 21,000 tokkul each. The shield is another good example, being normally sold for 6,750 each. When gloves are worn, the shield can be sold for 15,750 each.

Tzhaar-ket-em is not dropped by any TzHaar monster and can only be obtained from the store.


Items can only be bought with Tokkul. Items sold here also are traded for Tokkul.

Item Buy Buy with gloves Sell Sell with gloves GP Per Tokkul with gloves (buying) GP per Tokkul with gloves (selling)
Throwing ring 375 3253487 4.06 -15.17
Sword60,000 52,0006,00014,000 10.52 -39.09
Dagger37,500 32,5003,5508,750 2.88 -10.68
Maul75,000 65,0007,50017,500 3.01 -11.18
Staff 52,500 45,5005,000 12,250 11.5 -42.72
Mace 45,000 39,0004,00010,500 4.86 -18.05
Obsidian cape
Cape 90,000 78,0009,00021,000 8.8 -32.67
Shield 67,500 58,5006,75015,750 3.11 -11.55
Obsidian helmet
Helmet 84,480 73,216 8,448 19,712 10.74 -39.9
Obsidian platebody
Platebody 126,000 109,200 12,600 29,400 10.58 -39.28
Obsidian platelegs
Platelegs 100,500 87,100 10,050 23,450 10.86 -40.33

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