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This article is about the minigame in which players fight against each other. For the minigame in which players must defeat waves of TzHaar, see TzHaar Fight Cave.
This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.

The TzHaar Fight Pit is a safe minigame in which players fight against each other in a free-for-all arena. The winner is crowned champion as long as they are both still in the arena and have not been killed yet. Since killing someone ejects them out of the arena and into the waiting area, the first rule is all one needs to remember.

The Waiting Room

The waiting room is little more than a small enclosure. Here, players wait for the next game, converse, watch the current game, or form teams.

Inside the waiting room is a small pillar. By clicking it, players can view various areas of the gameplay area.

Gameplay and General Strategy

Basic Gameplay

The rules of the Fight Pits are simple: the last man standing, wins. Winners will receive a red skull icon above their head, signifying them as the winner.

The winner can either re-enter the waiting room and collect a reward of Tokkul, or they can wait in the gameplay area for the next game to begin.


The Fight Pits is an 'anything goes' minigame: any weapon or armour type can be used. This makes the game very popular for high-levelled players wearing Barrows armour or using Ancient Magicks.

Basic Strategy

  • Teams: Many players will agree to 'team up' in the waiting room. After all other enemies have been defeated, player of a team either take turns winning or then turn on each other. This is a very popular strategy of clans.
  • Hiding: An often-ridiculed strategy, hiding consists of concealing onself in a remote corner of the gameplay area, waiting for the various players and teams to weaken each other.


After a certain amount of time, waves of various Tzhaar creatures will appear and attack remaining players. These waves consist of Tz-Kih (level 22), Tz-Kek (level 45), and Tok-Xil (level 90), If the fight takes even longer, the player will receive 1 damage for every game tick (600ms).


A player becoming the Fight Pit champion.

The last man standing is rewarded with Tokkul, the currency of the TzHaar. The amount varies, based on the combined combat levels of the players the winner defeated. (His own level is not included) Anyone who walks out during a game is also not included.

Tokkul can be redeemed at many different Tzhaar shops around the city.

Becoming champion is also one of the Hard level Karamja Diary tasks.