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Ugthanki dung plays a small role in Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf, My Arm's Big Adventure, and The Feud quests. Additionally, Ugthanki dung is used to recharge the Camulet obtained in Enakhra's Lament.

If you are halfway through My Arm's Big Adventure quest or have completed it, you can obtain Ugthanki dung by talking to certain Camels (e.g. the one outside of the Al Kharid bank: Al the Camel) while having the Camulet equipped. Eventually, after talking for a while, Ugthanki dung will appear on the ground. Use a bucket on the dung to place the dung in your inventory. This method can't be used during The Feud. This method may take some time, it is recommended to use the red hot sauce instead.

Ugthanki dung can also be obtained by using a bottle of red hot sauce on the animal trough in Pollnivneach where Ali the Camel Man has camels behind his tent (This method can be used during the "The Feud" quest and the "Forgettable Tale of a Drunk Dwarf" quest). A camel will eat from the trough and drop dung a moment later. A bucket and spade, along with a pair of gloves, are required to pick up the Ugthanki dung. Buckets are sold by the market seller northeast of the camels' pen and there is a spawn inside the building attached to the camel pen.

Even though camel dung can be very fortifying for plants in reality, it cannot be used as a replacement for compost or supercompost in farming.

If a player tries to pick up dung on the floor without a bucket and spade, a message appears in the chatbox that says, "You're kidding me! I'm not picking that up.", "No way am I picking that up.", "Yuck! Im not touching that."[sic], "For all the runes in RuneScape, I am not picking that up!" or "I would rather wrestle a black dragon bare-handed."