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Ulizius is a monk who guards the gate into Mort Myre Swamp. You need to start the Nature Spirit for him to let you through the gate into the swamp. When players return through the gate he will exclaim "Oh my! You're still alive!"

It is not known why Drezel or whoever Ulizius reports to would want to guard the entrance to the Mort Myre swamp nor why they would send such a poorly armed and nervous individual to do so. He seems to simply be there to warn players of the dangers of Mort Myre.


Ulizius is located outside the gate to Mort Myre Swamp, south-west of Canifis.

You can quickly get to Ulizius using the Fairy Ring code cks.

Treasure Trail

Ulizius is seen in a cryptic clue of a level one or two clue scroll where you receive a clue that says "Speak to Ulizius." When you talk to Ulizius he will say "Very well done! Here you go!" and hand you your next clue.


  • If you enter the gate and come back out again straight away Ulizius will say "Oh my! You're still alive!". You can do this multiple times and he will still say it, despite having never actually gone into the swamp.