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Uncooked curry is made using the Cooking skill. It is made by having a bowl of water and adding (in order) a potato, cooked meat, and then either three curry leaves or one spice. Curry leaves are added before cooking.

Curry leaves can be obtained from growing a Curry tree with the Farming skill or via trading with another player. Spices can be bought or stolen using the Thieving skill in the market in East Ardougne or bought from the food store in the Culinaromancer's Chest. The stock amount of spices depends on how much progress has been made during the Recipe for Disaster quest, with the greatest stock (10) being available after completing every part of the quest.

It can be cooked on a range (level 60 cooking required) to make Curry, giving you 280 cooking experience. Failing to cook it properly will produce Burnt curry. Around level 74 Cooking is when you cease burning curry.

Cooking curry is a good way to train cooking as it gives twice as much exp as swordfish (but costs considerably more per experience). It is very difficult to buy uncooked curry at the GE and on the RuneScape forums. However, if player manages to buy uncooked curry, this method proves to be the fastest way to train cooking.