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An uncut emerald is a light green gem used in crafting. An uncut emerald can be cut by a player with 27 Crafting by using it with a chisel, granting 67.5 Crafting experience and making the Uncut emerald into an emerald.

Emeralds can be obtained in several ways. Players can get them randomly while mining ores, or as drops from monsters. With level 40 mining and Shilo Village quest completed players can mine the gem rocks in Shilo Village. Gem rocks may also appear while playing the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup activity, where players can mine them 3 times. A slow way to obtain uncut emeralds is Wall safe cracking in Rogue's den, but this requires level 50 thieving.

A cut emerald is a reward from the Pirate's Treasure quest, and is one of the alchemised items in the Mage Training Arena. Players can also earn an uncut emerald as a reward from the Misthalin Mystery quest.

Members can also use the Fletching skill to cut an emerald into emerald bolt tips by using a chisel on a 'cut' emerald at level 58 fletching. Cutting an emerald into bolt tips grants the player 5 experience in the fletching skill and gives the player 12 emerald bolt tips.

Uncut gems generally sell at a higher price than cut gems as cutting uncut gems grants Crafting experience.

Emerald jewellery
Unenchanted Enchanted
Emerald ring Ring of dueling
Emerald necklace Necklace of binding
Emerald amulet Amulet of defence
Emerald amulet with magic string Amulet of nature
Emerald bracelet Castlewars bracelet

Shop locations

Uncut emeralds can be bought at:

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Ogress Warrior 82 1 2; Common
Ogress Shaman 82 1 2; Common
Crazy archaeologist 204 6 2; Common
Rare drop table Varies 1 3; Uncommon
Kalphite Queen 333 25 (noted) 3; Uncommon