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Undor chathead.png

Undor is found in the Wintertodt Camp. Players who speak to him will learn about the ancient smith Dinh and the Doors of Dinh that contain the Wintertodt.

He is a master smith, and stays at the camp to maintain the Doors.


  • Undor: Hello there laddie.
  • Player: Tell me about the Wintertodt.
    • Undor: They say it's some kind of powerful fire spirit.
    • Player: Don't you mean ice?
    • Undor: Aye that as well.
    • Undor: What it is doesn't bother me, just as long as we keep it behind them doors.
  • Player: Tell me about the Doors of Dinh.
    • Undor: The Doors were built by Dinh to contain the Wintertodt. This was over a thousand years ago and they still stand today.
    • Player: Who was Dinh?
    • Undor: Dinh was the greatest smith the world has ever seen. I am the finest smith around today and even I cannot match his abilities.
  • Player: Tell me about yourself.
    • Undor: The name's Undor. You'll struggle to find a dwarf in this land who knows more about metalwork than me.
    • Undor: One day I hope to be as good as the legendary Dinh himself.
    • Player: What are you doing here?
    • Undor: They say the Doors are failing and the Wintertodt is trying to escape. I'm here to prove to them that the Doors are fine.
    • Player: And are they?
    • Undor: Of course they are! They were made by Dinh himself.
  • Player: Goodbye.
    • Undor: Until next time laddie.