Unfinished or unfeathered bolts are flight-less crossbow bolts that can be smithed from metal bars with the exception of broad and dragon bolts, which cannot be made by the Smithing skill. Also, silver bolts are made with the Crafting skill instead. Nonetheless, each bar produces 10 unfinished bolts, and feathers are added to finish them based on the Fletching skill.

ImageMaterialSkill levelExperienceFletching levelExperience (per bolt)
Bronze bolts (unf) 1BronzeSmithing icon1290.5
Blurite bolts (unf) 1BluriteSmithing icon17241
Silver bolts (unf) 1Silver21 Crafting icon50432.5
Iron bolts (unf) 1Iron18 Smithing icon25391.5
Steel bolts (unf) 1Steel33 Smithing icon37.5463.5
Mithril bolts (unf) 1Mithril53 Smithing icon50545
Adamant bolts(unf) 1Adamant73 Smithing icon62.5617
Unfinished broad bolts 1BroadN/AN/A55[1]3
Runite bolts (unf) 1Rune88 Smithing icon756910
Dragon bolts (unf) 1DragonN/AN/A8412
  1. Also requires 300 Slayer reward points to unlock.

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