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Unfinished broad bolts detail.png

Unfinished broad bolts are obtained from Slayer Masters, who sell up to 5,000 of them. However, those who are looking to buy bulk amounts of unfinished broad bolts, they can buy Unfinished broad bolt packs which contain packs of 100 unfinished broad bolts. They can be made into broad bolts using the Fletching skill, giving 30 experience for 10 unfinished bolts made, provided the skill has been learned as a Slayer reward. To finish the bolts, simply add feathers to them. The finished bolts are the crossbow equivalent of adamant bolts and are used by players killing turoth and kurasks, as they are immune to any other ammunition besides broad arrows.

Unfinished broad bolts can be obtained by buying them from a Slayer Master with coins. The stock for unfinished broad bolts are linked between all Slayer Masters.

Broad bolts are accessed at level 55 Slayer. They require 61 Ranged to wield and use and can only be fired from a rune, dragon or Armadyl crossbow. They are commonly used for training the Ranged skill, due to their low price. They are often referred to as replacement for adamant bolts (which cost more) since they both have +100 Ranged strength.