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An unidentified small fossil is a fossil that can be obtained while performing certain activities on Fossil Island:

In addition, after helping reconstruct the Museum Camp, a player can claim 5 unidentified small fossils from Peter, whom can be found panning just west of the camp.

They can be traded to the Fossil Collector in exchange for 100 numulites.


Before players can clean fossils, they must build the cleaning bench east of the Museum Camp using five planks and five nails while having a hammer and saw in their inventory, granting 100 Construction experience.

To clean fossils, players must use the unidentified fossil on the fossil cleaning bench while wearing leather boots, leather gloves, trowel, rock pick and specimen brush. Players can also clean fossils at the specimen table in the Varrock Museum.

Cleaning unidentified small fossils will give the player a small fossilised limbs, spine, ribs, pelvis, or skull. A set of these allows the player to place them in a small display in the Varrock Museum's paleontology exhibit, located at the bottom floor of the museum, below the natural history exhibit. Doing so will give an antique lamp that gives 2,000 experience in any skill above level 20, along with 2 kudos per display.

Dropping monsters

See Fossil Island fossils for strategies on obtaining fossils.

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Deranged archaeologist 276 1 3; Uncommon (12/350=3.4%)
Ancient Wyvern 210 1 3; Uncommon (12/350=3.4%)
Spitting Wyvern 139 1 3; Uncommon (10/350=2.9%)
Taloned Wyvern 147 1 3; Uncommon (10/350=2.9%)
Long-tailed Wyvern 152 1 3; Uncommon (10/350=2.9%)
Ancient Zygomite 109 1 3; Uncommon (7/350=2%)
Lobstrosity 68 1 3; Uncommon (5/350=1.4%)
Tar Monster 132 1 3; Uncommon (5/350=1.4%)
Hoop Snake 19 1 4; Rare (3/350=0.86%)
Ammonite Crab 25 1 4; Rare (3/350=0.86%)


  • The fossil appears to be the F-shaped form of the Pokémon Unown.

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