This article is about the unstrung unholy symbol of Zamorak. For the unstrung holy symbol of Saradomin, see Unstrung symbol.

Unstrung emblems are made by using a silver bar on a furnace while holding an Unholy mould. This requires level 17 Crafting. A menu will appear with the option to make a "Zamorak symbol". The player will earn 50 Crafting experience for each unstrung emblem made.

Using a ball of wool on an unstrung emblem results in an unpowered symbol and provides 4 Crafting experience for each emblem strung. The Spirit of Scorpius in the Scorpius Shrine will bless an unpowered symbol, resulting in an Unholy symbol, for players who have completed the Observatory Quest. Players with an Unholy book or a Book of balance and a Prayer level of at least 50 can bless their own unpowered symbols to create unholy symbols at a cost of 4 Prayer points each.

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