This official RuneScape update is copyrighted by Jagex. It was a direct quote from the RuneScape main page, but has since been removed.
This update was added on 1 March 2002.

Firstly a very big thank-you to all our members. Your support is very very much appreciated!

We said that the profit from the members would be put back into improving RuneScape, and we're now working hard to do this. During this coming week we aim to get more servers online (to ensure there is enough space for both free users and members).

We're also looking for a full-time member of staff to come and work with us in Cambridge(uk) to help us provide a better level of support for our users. We're looking for an energetic person, with good communication skills. Your job will involve answering emails, checking the game-logs and incident reports to ban troublesome users, and coordinating our volunteer moderators. You will be working in our Cambridge office with myself (Andrew), and Paul,

If you're interested please send your CV and an indication of what sort of wage you would expect to Please nobody else use this email address, use the support area linked to below, so we can deal with your query properly. Support emails incorrectly send to the cv address will be deleted.

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