This official RuneScape update is copyrighted by Jagex. It was a direct quote from the RuneScape main page, but has since been removed.
This update was added on 30 April 2002.

New members update online! Many RPGs have a thieving/rogue skill and this is something which until now has been missing from RuneScape.

We've now added this popular skill to the members version and it includes abilities such as pick-pocketing, picking locks, disarming traps, and stealing from market stalls. For more information about the new thieiving skill please refer to the online manual.

In addition we have added a quest which uses the new skill. Can you help the rightful owner steal back the lost tribal totem? The quest starts in Brimhaven, and after that is set entirely in the brand new city of Ardougne. You will need a thieving level of at least 21 to complete this quest, so practice your thieving before you start.

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