These official patch notes are copyrighted by Jagex. It is a direct quote from this Patch Notes Archive.
These Patch Notes were announced on 11 July 2013.

The following items voted for on the content poll have been implemented:

  • The dwarf multicannon can now be constructed and reloaded with a single click, instead of requiring you to use items on it repeatedly. Also, its decay warning message has been made more visible.
  • A witch has been added in Edgeville's guardhouse. She can set your default respawn point to Edgeville, for a large fee.
  • Perdu, a travelling dwarven merchant, can now be found in Lumbridge, Falador, Catherby and Edgeville. He will return certain reward items to you if he thinks you've lost them, although his prices are higher than you'd have paid elsewhere.
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