Dark Behemoth

aka Sébastien

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on September 24
  • I am Male


Not updated often. I am rather inactive in-game lately.

Dark Behe
Attack icon 60
Hitpoints icon 53
Mining icon 82
Strength icon 46
Agility icon 42
Smithing icon 54
Defence icon 52
Herblore icon 46
Fishing icon 67
Ranged icon 43
Thieving icon 45
Cooking icon 70
Prayer icon 43
Crafting icon 46
Firemaking icon 50
Magic icon 49
Fletching icon 46
Woodcutting icon 56
Runecrafting icon 23
Slayer icon 45
Farming icon 32
Construction icon 19
Hunter icon 14
Quest point icon 170
Combat icon 65
Stats icon 1083
As of November 13, 2013


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