• My occupation is Pilot
  • I am AH-64 Apache


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This is an profile.

Any further edits can be found on the new Old School RuneScape Wiki.
I also have some edits on the RuneScape Wiki.

To-do list

I need to find out what Will o' the wisps is and work on it.
I need to work on Nightmare Zone/Strategies.
Create Grave scorpion page, they're at the Shrine of Scorpius.
Cleanup Ardougne Zoo.
Create Evil creature page.
Add drop table to TzTok-Jad, since it drops TzRek-Jad at 1/200, or 1/100 on-task (page is currently featured).
Add Price history section to ranger gloves when the Theatre of Blood is finalised.
Upload new chathead images for Template:The Grand Tree. Couldn't replace Charlie (prisoner)'s images because I've done MM2.
Upload a new version of File:Foreman.png.
Create page for Achievement Diary armour sets, like how Armadyl armour is a thing.

Pages for reference


Abyss Runecrafting Pure

Team-29 cape
Amulet of glory
Ammo slot
Black pickaxe
Blue d'hide body
Holy book
Graceful legs
Blue d'hide vamb
Boots of lightness
Ring of dueling
Try to remember some of
the basics of
Abyss Runecrafting
Weight: -1.747 = -1
With pouches: 2.253 = 2
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