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  • I live in California
  • I was born on August 20
  • My occupation is Student
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Mortal Metal
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Conquer the goal; don't let the goal conquer you!
— Metal Little
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PVP Player/PVE

Metal Little
Dragon axe
Member 25 December 2006
Combat level 124
Total level 2250
Languages spoken English
Country of origin US
Started RuneScape on 26 November 2006
Joined the wiki on 11 May 2012
Edit count 20,813
Divine alignment God
Highest Skill Woodcutting
Favourite Skill Woodcutting icon
Favourite Item File:Coins.gif
Favourite Quest Elemental Workshop II
Favourite Activity Skilling
WikiFauna type WikiFairy
Net worth N/A
Metal b. 26 Nov 2006
Lil b. 17 Dec 2006
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Lil Solito Hiscores

Metal Little
Attack icon 99
Hitpoints icon 99
Mining icon 99
Strength icon 99
Agility icon 99
Smithing icon 99
Defence icon 99
Herblore icon 99
Fishing icon 99
Ranged icon 99
Thieving icon 99
Cooking icon 99
Prayer icon 89
Crafting icon 99
Firemaking icon 94
Magic icon 99
Fletching icon 99
Woodcutting icon 99
Runecrafting icon 99
Slayer icon 99
Farming icon 87
Construction icon 99
Hunter icon 99
Quest point icon 262
Combat icon 124
Stats icon 2250

Lil Mileeno
Attack icon 70
Hitpoints icon 99
Mining icon 95
Strength icon 70
Agility icon 75
Smithing icon 99
Defence icon 99
Herblore icon 63
Fishing icon 99
Ranged icon 99
Thieving icon 55
Cooking icon 99
Prayer icon 55
Crafting icon 99
Firemaking icon 50
Magic icon 99
Fletching icon 99
Woodcutting icon 99
Runecrafting icon 41
Slayer icon 75
Farming icon 40
Construction icon 1
Hunter icon 22
Quest point icon 154
Combat icon 104
Stats icon 1702


I call myself Metal, and I've been playing RuneScape since Thanksgiving of 2006. I've retained active RS membership since that year's Christmas. After watching my little brother play for a few months from summer to fall, I finally gained enough interest to play and created my account that late November. Skill-raising and money-making are my favorite in-game activities, but my least favorite is PVP. Woodcutting is my favorite skill, and it's the first skill that I've mastered, which I've received skill mastery first on 13 November 2007 and second on 9 March 2014 in Old School RuneScape, thus making me a two-time Woodcutting master.

Although I've tried player-killing, I was never a fan of it, so I don't like it. Aside from raising skills and making money, I also enjoy PVM on the other hand. As I progress my Combat skills in OSR and get them up to par, I'll re-add it to my repertoire. Also, avidly using this Wiki has helped fortify my levels and expand my knowledge, and it serves as my one-stop shop especially when researching content.

Thoughts and Feelings

When the strict trade and Wilderness limits were imposed in late 2007 to early 2008, it took us a three-year battle to get them re-implemented back into the game. Although the return of free trade and old-style PK'ing were finally brought back in 2011, which improved gameplay tremendously, the game continued to slope as it continued to undergo changes with each change resulting in a nerf or a pointless update. Finally, Jagex listened to the veteran players who've coveted RS 2006-07 and brought it back on 22 February 2013. This version of RS was the golden age of the game, and I enjoy playing it especially being a product of Old School.


Stats icon Skills Date
All skills leveled 60+ Yes check October 8, 2016 [1]
All skills leveled 70+ Yes check December 28, 2016 [2]
All skills leveled 80+ Yes check February 6, 2017 [3]
All skills leveled 90+ X mark TBD
Level 99 in a skill Yes check March 9, 2014 [4]
Level 99 in two (or more) skills Yes check September 12, 2014 [5]
200M XP in one (or more) skills X mark TBD
Max Combat (Level 126) X mark TBD
Quest point icon Quests Date
All free quests Yes check October 30, 2016
All member quests Yes check October 30, 2016
Quest point cape Yes check October 30, 2016
All miniquests X mark TBD
Minigame icon Activities Date
Fire cape Yes check November 1, 2016 [6]
Level 5 in one (or more) roles Yes check February 4, 2017 [7]
Achievement Diaries icon Achievement Diaries Date
Ardougne Diary Yes check February 4, 2017
Desert Diary Yes check December 14, 2016
Falador Diary Yes check April 27, 2017
Fremennik Diary Yes check January 25, 2017
Kandarin Diary Yes check February 5, 2017
Karamja Diary Yes check January 24, 2017
Lumbridge & Draynor Diary Yes check December 29, 2016
Morytania Diary Yes check November 22, 2016 [8]
Varrock Diary Yes check December 30, 2016
Western Provinces Diary Yes check April 24, 2017
Wilderness Diary Yes check December 8, 2016
Achievement diary cape Yes check May 24, 2017
Lumbridge Guide icon Miscellaneous Date
1 (or more) challenges Yes check April 17, 2017 [9]
All challenges X mark TBD
All songs X mark TBD
All holiday emotes X mark TBD
All unlockable emotes X mark TBD
2.147B coins X mark TBD
In One Hour...
Some attributes/characteristics
First Get 100-120 magic logs or sharks.
Second Smelt 1k ore, or cast 1k Alchs.
Third Spin around 1k flax, or string 1k bows.
Other attributes/characteristics
Fourth Place about 1k-1.5k herbs in vials of water, or fletch around 1.5k unstrung bows.
Fifth Clean 5k-10k grimy herbs.
Sixth Amass around 50k XP killing SOS giant spiders.
Seventh Cast roughly 1.2k Fire spells via splashing on a goblin.
Eighth Obtain 4-6 Sinister keys.
Ninth Craft 2k-3k runes.
Tenth Kill 35 Skeletal wyverns.
Skillometer & Adv. Log

Skill-O-Meter (Old School RuneScape)

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Adventurer's Log (RuneScape 3)

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Attack icon
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Runecrafting icon
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Firemaking icon
94 99
60% 5 5,089,817 xp
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