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Combat Skills


To save money, low-tier armour pieces can be bought at the following places:

Note: Slayer can also be trained in conjunction with Combat.

Level Subject(s) & Location Details
1-20 Attack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.png Cows give good experience when compared to the difficulty of killing them, and their hides are also valuable. Killing them is one of the best ways to get your Melee stats up until level 15 or 20. Cows can be found on fields such as near the Crafting Guild, Lumbridge, or Falador farm.

Chickens are also found in the Lumbridge or Falador farm. If they're too crowded, then consider the other monsters.

Alternatively, one can complete Waterfall Quest for 13,750 XP in both Attack and Strength if up to the challenge. Also, Death Plateau will add 3,000 more Attack XP upon completion.

Defence pure accounts should train on monks. They heal themselves, thus making it optimal for training on a single monk for countless hours. These may be trained on for extended levels.

20-30 Attack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.png Al-Kharid WarriorsAl Kharid Palace Al Kharid Palace is a good training location at this level. With a moderate Defence level, the Al-Kharid warriors here will deal low damage while also dropping herbs quite frequently.
20-40+ Attack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.png Rock crabs[1]—North Rellekka, north-east of Rellekka, or Waterbirth Island Rock crabs are commonly trained upon due to their high XP rewards averaging around 45,000 XP hourly, occasional valuable drops, low Combat level and Defence. They reside west of the entrance to Keldagrim around the outskirts of Rellekka on the beach. They're a pure's haven!
30-40/50 Attack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.png The barbarians in Barbarian Village give better XP rates for these levels. Barricading yourself in the longhall, which is the large building on the north side of the village, seems to be a nice way to keep the barbarians in a small, dense area and prevents you from having to run all over the village to kill them. Remember to use the best equipment available for your level, such as Adamant equipment or better.

Fighting giant spiders in level 3 of the Stronghold of Security, which is ideal training towards level 99, gives more XP than barbarians, and their spawn rate is sufficient enough that you will not be waiting without a target. They do not drop anything, though. Although they're weak to crush attacks, an Adamant scimitar or better still works just as good or even better.

40-50 Attack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.png Chaos druidsEdgeville Wilderness Dungeon, Taverley Dungeon Chaos druids drop Herblore ingredients as well as Mithril bolts, and they provide decent XP rates for these levels. Although it may be the ideal spot, beware of PK'ers lurking in the Wilderness if killing them in the Edgeville Dungeon. Since it is in the Wilderness, don't take anything you aren't prepared to lose! It would be best to 3-item, and bring a few pieces of food and an emergency teleport.
50-60 Attack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.png While jail guards are still fair XP, hill giants offer better rewards including their bones, various herbs, and limpwurt roots. Hobgoblins also provide limpwurts.
50+ Attack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.png Experiments offer excellent experience rates for killing them and can be killed onwards to level 99. Creature of Fenkenstrain must be started to access them but doesn't have to be completed to get there.

Killing deadly red spiders found in Varrock Sewers can provide very great amounts of experience for many players with Melee stats in these ranges. They're weak to crush attacks, but a Rune scimitar or better will suffice.

Fighting giant spiders in level 3 of the Stronghold of Security, which is ideal training towards level 99, gives the best XP rates, and their spawn rate is sufficient enough that you will not be waiting without a target. They do not drop anything, though. Although they're weak to crush attacks, once again, a Rune scimitar or better is ideal.

60-70+ Attack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.png Experiments or giant spiders continue to yield substantial amounts of XP, which is around 40,000 - 50,000 XP per hour, but moss giants or the TzHaar give better loot. Also, yaks are similar to experiments and giant spiders in terms of XP but requires completion of The Fremennik Trials and starting The Fremennik Isles.
70+ Attack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.png Wear some sort of facial protection like a face mask if attempting to kill dust devils, or your stats will suffer greatly. They yield about 55,000 XP hourly and drop the highly elusive and coveted Dragon chainbody, yet it's extremely rare.

After finishing Legends' Quest, shadow warriors become available, and they have a change to drop the Shield left half.

Magic axes can be done solely for XP purposes. It all depends on preference.

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Pures can train on these monsters. Also, Mithril armour is recommended to sustain minimal damage, and wielding the Event rpg yields faster attacks on monks.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Start Creature of Fenkenstrain to access Experiment Cave where Experiments are exclusively located.
  3. Partial completion of Lunar Diplomacy is required to access Pirates' Cove, which would be the best spot to kill Moss giants.
  4. Monkey Madness is a prerequisite to kill Monkey Guards at Ape Atoll Temple. Use Dharok the Wretched's equipment and Protect from Melee with low Hitpoints for best results. Prayer can be replenished inside the temple.
  5. The Fremennik Isles is required to reach Neitiznot and the yaks.
  6. Complete Legends' Quest to reach Shadow warriors at Legends' Guild.

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Level Subject(s) Details
1-9 Prayer icon.png The Restless Ghost Complete The Restless Ghost quest for 1,125 Prayer experience.
9-30 Prayer icon.png (Big) Bones and Priest in Peril Bones spawn at the Chaos Temple in level 13 Wilderness, and big bones spawn at the Bone Yard[1] to the north in circa level 27 Wilderness. Aggressive level-25 skeletons guard the yard, so bring some armour (preferably Adamant armour or better) and food. Also, beware of player killers too! Since it is in the Wilderness, don't take anything you aren't prepared to lose! It's strongly recommended to 3-item (e.g. Adamant full helm, platebody and platelegs/skirt or better).

Priest in Peril yields 1,406 XP upon completion if you can defeat both the Temple Guardian dog and the Monk of Zamorak in Combat.

The Falconry is also a good place to gather and bury regular bones, but it requires a minimum level of 43 Hunter.

30-45 Prayer icon.png Babydragon bones or Big bones It will take 3,210 big bones, which spawn at the Boneyard, if buried or 918 big bones if using a fully-lit gilded altar to reach level 45 Prayer. Between 150 and 300 big bones can be collected and banked in an hour depending on the method.

By means of killing for them instead, 40 Combat is recommended for hill giants, and 65 Combat is recommended for moss giants.

Alternatively, purchase baby dragon bones if you can afford them, or kill baby blue dragons as long as your Combat level permits it in which 65 Combat is recommended to kill them at least. You'll need to bury around 1,605 baby dragon bones, or take either 402 or 459 of them to the Ectofuntus or gilded altar respectively.

45-52 Prayer icon.png Babydragon bones or Dragon bones Smite can be unlocked for an additional 518 baby dragon bones or 216 dragon bones if using the Ectofuntus. Otherwise, it would be 592 baby dragon bones or 247 dragon bones at a gilded altar. The latter should be used instead of the former for faster training!

If one possesses a minimum of 80 Combat for using Melee on green dragons or 100 Combat for blue dragons, then dragon hunting is an option. Don't forget to bring some sort of protection from dragon fire like an Anti-dragon shield! From a safe distance, 60 Ranged is suggested or the Fire Bolt spell. Fire Bolt should only be cast on blue dragons since all other dragons are highly resistant towards magical attacks.

52-70 Prayer icon.png Dragon bones For Piety, use 2,437 dragon bones on a gilded altar.
70+ Prayer icon.png Dragon bones From level 70 onwards, you'll need 48,797 dragon bones and a gilded altar to achieve 99 Prayer.
  1. Picking and burying the two big bones that spawn close to each other in level 29 Wilderness could yield upwards of 6,000 XP hourly.

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Level Subject(s) & Location Details
1-20 Ranged icon.png Cows give good experience when compared to the difficulty of killing them, and their hides are also valuable. Killing them is one of the best ways to build your Ranged level up until about level 20. Cows can be found on fields such as near the Crafting Guild, Lumbridge, or Falador farm. If cows and chickens are overcrowded, try seagulls.
20-40 Ranged icon.png Experiments are always good to train on at all levels especially if using bronze or iron knives. They rarely hit, and they possess high Hitpoints and low Defence for their levels. Starting Creature of Fenkenstrain is required to access them, however.

Minotaurs are a somewhat decent source for steel arrows. You can easily safe-spot them.

Rock crabs are a pure's best friend. Like experiments, they also have high Hitpoints, but crabs are located in a multi-combat area and are aggressive.
Barbarians are located in their village, of course! It's best to range the ones in the long hall for easy safe-spotting.

Hill giants are a decent source of income. They can drop limpwurts for Herblore and big bones for Prayer.

Once 30 Ranged is reached, complete Animal Magnetism for Ava's device. It can retrieve most of your ammo.

40-60 Ranged icon.png Guards are found in the major cities, but there's a safe spot in West Varrock by Juliet's house. If in Falador, don't kill the guard wielding a crossbow.

Additional hobgoblins are found on Crandor, in Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, or at Hobgoblin Mine in high-level Wilderness, so be very careful. Hobgoblin Peninsula would be the best spot since you can safely range them over by the Crafting Guild.

More moss giants are located in Brimhaven Dungeon, west of the Fishing Guild, and west of Brimhaven on Moss Giant Island in which the latter requires 10 Agility.

Chaos druids drop Herblore ingredients as well as Mithril bolts, and they provide decent XP rates for these levels. Although it may be the ideal spot, beware of PK'ers lurking in the Wilderness if killing them in the Edgeville Dungeon. Bring only three items, a few pieces of food, and an emergency teleport.

60-70+ Ranged icon.png For access to King Lathas's training grounds, you must complete Biohazard to fight the ogres there. Otherwise, you'll need 46 Thieving to enter Chaos Druid Tower. Lastly, it would be very beneficial to use a Dwarf multicannon if you plan to kill the ogres between Castle Wars and Yanille.

Yaks in Neitiznot after starting The Fremennik Isles are just for good, old-fashioned XP. It's nothing more than that!

Lesser demons have a chance to drop Rune med helms. Bringing Alch runes is a good idea!

Although crowded during peak hours, Waterfall fire giants are the best way to go. Regardless, they're a good source of fire runes, and their drops could yield Rune scimitars. Don't forget Glarial's amulet and some rope if going to Waterfall Dungeon, and range the ones in the straight-ahead chamber with the table. To set up an assault, lure and trap the threatened fire giant behind the rock-like structure of the entrance, and range them from the square on the right. After each kill, retrieve your loot, repeat the aforementioned attack method, and return to said spot on the right by the door.

Green dragons are located in the Wilderness, so be very careful and use the 3-iteming method. A good spot to range them is north-west of Edgeville bank in level 13 Wilderness on the west side. There's also a better spot with trees in circa level 24 Wilderness by the Graveyard of Shadows easily accessible via a Games necklace teleport to Corporeal Beast and exiting. Nonetheless, use an Amulet of glory to teleport to Edgeville for banking, and don't forget an Anti-Dragon Shield.

70+ Ranged icon.png Ankous drop blood runes, death runes, battlestaves, pure essence, and adamant arrows making the quite a good source of money. There are some safe spots.

The TzHaar have a chance of dropping Obsidian equipment, but it's best to attack the TzHaar-Ket. Use the rocks and craters as safe spots.

Greater demons can be ideally reached in Brimhaven Dungeon, but the wild dogs that also inhabit the area can be an annoyance. Otherwise, there's a caged one in Ogre Enclave, and the rest are in Deep Wilderness.

Blue dragons can be slain in a similar fashion as green dragons. It would be in your best interest to have 70 Agility to utilize the shortcut in Taverley Dungeon.

Black demons can be easily safe-spotted in Taverley Dungeon. They can also be killed in Edgeville Dungeon, but be very careful since they're in the Wilderness section.

Iron dragons are an overall good choice since they could drop Dragon platelegs, Dragon plateskirts, and the highly elusive and coveted Draconic visage. Don't forget to bring several antifires and your Anti-Dragon Shield though! Also, Alchs will help due to their drops.

Skeletal Wyverns require 72 Slayer to kill as well as an Elemental, Mind or a Dragonfire shield to avoid heavy damage from their icy attacks. They offer one of the most profitable opportunities in RuneScape, and their drops include Granite legs, Dragon plateskirts, Dragon platelegs as well as the coveted and elusive Draconic visage. They can be safe-spotted at the entrance if there's a seven-space gap once they become tolerant after 20 minutes and once the eastern or western one is successfully lured behind the side of the entrance.

80+ Ranged icon.png Dwarf multicannon at blue dragons[2], black demons, or use about 64,000 red chinchompas on the skeletal apes in Ape Atoll Dungeon. If you can invest in a few hundred-thousand cannonballs, then use a cannon at said places to break even or profit. Although a cannon can be used in the Wilderness, it's not recommended since you can get skulled and killed. If you wish to blow money for XP, then you can set a cannon up at the Lighthouse dagannoths, Battlefield ogres, suqahs, or at the end of the Ice Maze.
  1. Partial completion of Lunar Diplomacy is required to access Pirates' Cove, which would be the best spot to kill Moss giants.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Bring an Anti-Dragon Shield or Dragonfire Shield when fighting dragons. Additionally, Antifires, which negates all dragonfire damage when coupled with said shields, are required if fighting metal dragons.
  3. Skeletal Wyverns require 72 Slayer to kill. An Elemental, Mind or a Dragonfire shield is also required to avoid heavy damage from icy attacks.

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  • Note: To conserve money, always wield a staff that provides unlimited runes for the most expensive rune needed to cast spells.
Level Subject(s) Details
1-13 Magic icon.png Imp Catcher and Witch's Potion Completing Imp Catcher and Witch's Potion will grant a total of 1,200 experience. That's good for 10 Magic! Otherwise, cast Wind Strike and Earth Strike, which the latter requires 9 Magic, on cows/chickens in Lumbridge/Falador, seagulls at Port Sarim, goblins in their own village, or giant rats found in Varrock Sewers or in Lumbridge Swamp. It should take no more than 400 of each of the required runes to cast each spell for now.
13-19/55 Magic icon.png Fire Strike[1][2] Kill the same monsters listed, and use the same techniques as depicted in the Ranged guide casting Fire Strike with an elemental staff that covers the pricier runes, so if three air runes cost more than two fire runes, then use an Air staff since the air runes cost more. Depending on your hits, it should take no more than 182 Fire Strikes, which consumes 546 fire runes, 364 air runes (none if using an air staff), and 182 mind runes. Alternatively, a Smoke staff is strongly recommended if you can afford one.

Experiments are always good to train on at all levels. They rarely hit, and they possess high Hitpoints and low Defence for their levels. Starting Creature of Fenkenstrain is required to access them, however.

Minotaurs are a somewhat decent source for steel arrows. You can easily safe-spot them.

Rock crabs are a pure's best friend. Like experiments, they also have high Hitpoints, but they're located in a multi-combat area and are aggressive.

Barbarians are located in their village, of course! It's best to kill the ones in the long hall for easy safe-spotting.

Hill giants are a decent source of income. They can drop limpwurts for Herblore and big bones for Prayer.

Alternatively, if you completed Waterfall, you can take Glarial's amulet, a piece of rope, some food, and about 10,000 Fire Strike casts to the fire giants inhabiting Waterfall Dungeon to get 55 Magic. They drop rare rune items such as Rune scimitars and arrows as well as common fire runes and other mid-to-high level runes, herbs and gems.

19-33/39/55 Magic icon.png Curse To reach level 55, you'll need to cast Curse 5,610 times. For level 39, it's 1,024 Curses. Lastly, to get to level 33, it's 493 casts. Whichever way, wear full iron (or up to Rune armour), and wield a Mud battlestaff if you can afford it, or use a Staff of earth. Also, cast it on the imprisoned Monk of Zamorak inside Varrock Palace underneath the stairs, the lesser demon at the top floor of the Wizards' Tower, or any of the jailbirds in Port Sarim Jail.
33-39/43/45/55 Magic icon.png Telekinetic Grab According to each ending level, 359, 747, 1007, or 3451 Telegrabs are needed respectively. Telegrab is best used for obtaining Wine of Zamorak in the Captured Temple, south of Goblin Village.
35+ Magic icon.png Fire Bolt[1][2] Casting Fire Bolt while wearing Chaos gauntlets on Blue dragons is worth it because they provide their hides and bones like all chromatic dragons. They also have weak magical resistance unlike the others. It would be in your best interest to have 70 Agility to utilize the shortcut to access them easily in Taverly Dungeon along with Falador teleports. Don't forget your Anti-Dragon Shield as needed with all dragons and a few pieces of food in case of emergency!
39-55 Magic icon.png Crumble Undead This spell is only effective against undead enemies, such as skeletons, zombies, ghosts and shades. The two best places to use Crumble Undead are Varrock Sewers and Shilo Village. In the sewers, a river protects you from attacks, and in Shilo, there are undead ones that are enclosed to also protect you. To get 55 Magic, cast Crumble Undead 5,429 times.
43-45/55+ Magic icon.png Superheat Item Superheat may be cast 244,983 times on the same amount of either gold ore or iron ore. Doing so can yield up to 115,000 Magic XP per hour. If that's too tedious, however, only 211 are needed to reach 45 Magic, or 2,195 for 55 Magic. Alternate between your spellbook and inventory using the F keys.
45-55 Magic icon.png Camelot Teleport Simply, equip any air staff, and get 1,895 law runes. This will get you around 65,000 XP hourly.
50+ Magic icon.png Iban Blast Underground Pass and 50 Attack are required to use Iban's staff. It can be used effectively on iron dragons, which drop dragon items and the elusive Draconic visage. Bring 12-15 Antifire potions and 50 High Alchemy runes. Also, don't forget an Anti-Dragon Shield or Dragonfire Shield!
55-60+ Magic icon.png High Level Alchemy High Alchemy needs be cast 197,967 times on the same amount of yew longbows or rune arrows. Doing so can yield up to 65,000 XP hourly in order to achieve 99 Magic. If that's too tedious, however, only 1,648 are needed to reach 60 Magic. Either way, place the noted stack of items underneath the spell spot, and alternate between your spellbook and inventory. For best results, use mouse keys pressing the 5 key to initiate the spell.
60-68 Magic icon.png Bones to Peaches Unlock this spell from the Mage Training Arena. Afterwards, cast 5,097 BTP's in the graveyard section of MTA.
68-70/80 Magic icon.png Humidify or Enchant Level 5 Jewellery Dream Mentor is required to unlock this spell along with other Lunar Spells. Afterwards, cast 21,247 Humidifies to get to level 80 or 2,040 to get to level 70. For profit, you can buy empty vials from other players or in Shilo Village, and sell the water-filled vials. Otherwise, place an empty fishbowl, which enables single-click emptying, underneath the spell spot, and alternate between your spell book and inventory. For best results, use mouse keys pressing the 5 key to initiate the spell like High Alchemy. This method, however, only grants about 35,000 XP hourly.

Casting Enchant Level 5 Jewellery in the Mage Training Arena while wielding a Mud battlestaff yields up to 60,000 XP hourly. 23,608 enchantments need to be cast to get to level 80 or 2,267 to get to level 70.

70+ Magic icon.png Ice Burst Desert Treasure is required to unlock this spell along with the Ancient Magicks. Afterwards, burst monkey guards at Ape Atoll. You can also follow the chin method.
75+ Magic icon.png Trident of the seas The Trident can deal devastating damage to metal dragons and lava dragons. Against iron and steel dragons, bring 12-15 Antifire potions and 50 High Alch runes. Also, don't forget an Anti-Dragon Shield or Dragonfire Shield!

On the other hand, lava dragons are found in the Wilderness, so always take precautions, and never bring anything that you can't afford to lose. Also, bring Telekinetic Grabs, and attack the dragons from the outside, but beware of Vet'ion and PK'ers!

80+ Magic icon.png String Jewellery or Stun Lunar Diplomacy is required to unlock String Jewellery along with the Lunar Spells. Afterwards, cast it 133,113 times to reach level 99, or cast 122,760 Stuns to get there. The former ranges between 130,000 and 160,000 XP an hour while that latter reaches about 130,000 XP and more if combining it with High Level Alchemy in between casts. Like cursing, cast Stun on the imprisoned monk of Zamorak inside Varrock Palace or on the caged zombies in the Magic Guild cellar.

Alternatively, casting Fire Bolt with Chaos gauntlets on iron dragons fares decently. For best results, use a Smoke battlestaff, and it would require around 350,000 casts. They could drop dragon items and the highly coveted Draconic visage. Bring 15 or more Antifires, 20,000 Chaos runes, a few pieces of food, around 4,000 coins, and 50-100 Alchs per trip.

86+ Magic icon.png Plank Make or Smoke Barrage Dream Mentor is required to unlock Plank Make! Afterwards, cast it on 104,852 mahogany logs to reach level 99. It can give upwards of 160,000 XP an hour with good concentration.

Smoke Barrage, on the other hand, resembles the same method as casting Ice Burst, but it's best cast on the skeletal apes. Smoke-barraging is about 150,000 Magic XP and 75,000 Hitpoints XP per hour. You can also follow the chin method.

87+ Magic icon.png Enchant Level 6 Jewellery Casting Enchant Level 6 Jewellery in the Mage Training Arena while wielding a Mud battlestaff yields up to 75,000 - 85,000 XP hourly. 170,734 enchantments need to be cast to achieve level 99.
94+ Magic icon.png Ice Barrage Desert Treasure is required to unlock this spell along with the Ancient Magicks. Ice Barrage, on the other hand, resembles the same method as casting Ice Burst, but it's best cast on the skeletal apes. Smoke-barraging is over 150,000 Magic XP and 75,000 Hitpoints XP per hour. You can also follow the chin method.
  1. 1.0 1.1 It would be ideal to use a Smoke Battlestaff when casting fire spells since it provides unlimited air and fire runes.
  2. 2.0 2.1 If you wish to semi-AFK train Magic via splashing, make sure you have at least -65 Magic attack bonus, and try only equipping the following setup:
    Afterwards, attack a low-level monster, such as a chicken, duck (level 1), seagull, gnome, goblin, or a spider (level 2) in Single-way combat only. Make sure Auto Retaliate is on, and the creature is attacking you back. Also, make sure Accept Aid is turned off. If using Fire Strike from level 13 to 99, it'll take 1,133,270 Mind runes.

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Woodwork Skills

Woodcutting & Firemaking

  • Note: If training Firemaking, place your tinderbox in the middle of your inventory, and burn your logs at a place like Duel Arena, which has a one-click bank and a long strip. Roughly 900-1,200 logs can be burnt in an hour!
Level Subject & Location Details
1-15 Woodcutting icon.png Firemaking icon.png Regular trees around Draynor Village Take your bronze or iron axe, and chop down normal trees around Draynor Village. Evergreen, north of Falador and between Barbarian Village, is also a good alternative especially if planning to bank the logs.
15-40 Woodcutting icon.png
15-30 Firemaking icon.png
Oak trees south-west of Varrock West Bank Upgrade your axes as you progress, and head over to oaks in West Varrock. There are a few just a tad bit south-west of said bank. Otherwise, Draynor or Tree Gnome Stronghold has some fairly close to its respective bank. Expect around 18,000 - 45,000 Woodcutting experience per hour or 54,000 - 72,000 Firemaking experience per hour.
40-60+ Woodcutting icon.png
30-45+ Firemaking icon.png
Willow trees at Barbarian Outpost, Draynor, or Seers' Village Don't forget to upgrade to a Rune axe at 41 Woodcutting! If planning to get 99 Woodcutting off these from level 40, it'll take 192,552 willows, but only 3,504 are needed to get to level 60.

Alternatively, one can advance to teaks south-west of Castle Wars requiring 35 Woodcutting. One will need 2,957 teak logs from level 35 to 60 or 153,083 teaks for level 99. It's about 30,000 - 60,000 XP per hour at willows or 50,000 - 100,000 XP per hour with teaks.

Firemaking with willows, on the other hand, will result in 81,000 - 108,000 XP hourly. Also, it would require 144,679 logs to reach level 99 or just 535 to reach level 45 in Firemaking.

60-75 Woodcutting icon.png
45+ Firemaking icon.png
Maple trees at Seers' Village Use a Dragon axe at 61 Woodcutting only if it can be afforded. It'll take 9,367 maple logs to reach level 75 at a rate between 30,000 and 40,000 Woodcutting XP hourly.

To achieve 99 Firemaking, it's best to burn these since burning willows will become heavily tedious once the mid-80's are reached. From level 45 to 99, it'll require 96,096 maples gaining 121,500 - 162,000 XP hourly.

Also, mahogany surpasses maple at 50 Woodcutting, which would then require an additional 8,873 mahogany logs to get level 75, as long as one has sufficient trading sticks for the Hardwood Grove. About 300-400 mahogany logs per hour could be cut for 45,000 - 48,000 XP hourly.

75+ Woodcutting icon.png Yew trees in Catherby, Seers' Village, or Edgeville 67,566 yew logs will be needed to achieve 99 Woodcutting! Yews are about 22,750 - 38,500 XP an hour. At level 80, players can cut yew trees at a decent rate of upwards to 220 logs hourly. Keep in mind that the reason players should not start cutting yews at level 60 is because of the extremely slow rate at which the logs are obtained.

Decent spots are behind Varrock Palace and by the entrance of the Edgeville Dungeon, but the best spots lay between Catherby (directly west of the bank) and Seers' Village. There are four yew trees west of Rimmington, but they are a long distance from a bank, which does not make the spot very popular. There are also two yew trees south of the Falador east bank. These trees are also fairly close to the bank as well. Cutting yews will be very slow experience, but in the long run, players will gain lots of money.

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  • Note: Fletch at a one-click bank for faster training! One can fletch about 1,600 unstrung bows per hour. A knife is needed when Fletching and can be found in Lumbridge Castle's kitchen in the south-west corner on a crate or on the table in the cellar.
Level Item Details
1-25 Fletching icon.png 23,526 Arrow shafts (made from 1,569 logs)[1] One should gain a total of 7,875 Fletching experience thus reaching level 25 from making arrow shafts.[1]
25-40 Fletching icon.png 1,176 Oak longbow (u)'s If you can, take a few kilos of coins and your knife to the Lumbridge or Varrock General Store, and buy oak logs there, fletch them, and resell them to the store. Repeat! If members-only worlds don't have any, hop on free-to-play, and switch back to members since Fletching is a members' skill.
40-55/70 Fletching icon.png Willow longbow (u)'s One can either choose to make unstrung willow longbows until level 55, which would take 3,119 willow logs, or until level 70. The latter would require 16,878 willows, however.
55-70 Fletching icon.png 9,795 Maple longbow (u)'s If the cost of nature runes and bow string are feasible, then it would be in one's best interest to make 4,898 fully-completed maple longbows, and alchemize them. If not, then stick to unstrung bows.
70+ Fletching icon.png 81,979 Yew longbows Make complete yew longbows! Afterwards, you can choose to either sell them for profit, or cast High Alchemy on them.
  1. 1.0 1.1 Adding feathers to arrow shafts creates headless arrows, which adds some profit. If doing so, this will only require 5,882 shafts, which are produced out of roughly 393 logs, and 5,882 feathers if choosing to make headless arrows.

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Metalwork Skills

Mining & Smithing

  • Note: Although making iron knives (22 Smithing) and/or cannonballs (35 Smithing and an ammo mould) are profitable, you might break even if making Mithril bolts, which require both 53 Smithing and 54 Fletching, and/or Adamant bolts, which require 73 Smithing and 61 Fletching. Unfinished bolts only require the correct Smithing level, and they can sell just as well as feathered bolts.
Level Subject & Location Details
1-15 Mining icon.png
1-29 Smithing icon.png
Copper and/or tin at Fishing Trawler Mine, South-east Varrock, West Falador, or Dwarven Mine Drop the ore for power-leveling since bronze yields a terrible profit, and upgrade your pickaxes along the way.

The Knight's Sword bypasses bronze smithing and provides a nice jumpstart to train Smithing since its completion yields 12,725 Smithing experience, but it requires 10 Mining in which 66 copper or tin is needed to achieve said level. Nonetheless, copper and tin are sold cheap by Ordan or Hring Hring, but you must have either started The Giant Dwarf to get to Ordan or started The Fremennik Isles to get to Hring Hring.

Completing Doric's Quest for 10 Mining would only demand 138 pieces of copper or tin if you wish to mine iron yourself instead of buying it for said quests.

15-60+ Mining icon.png[1]

29-30/35/40 Smithing icon.png[2]
Iron ore at Piscatoris, North-east Yanille, South-east Varrock, Kandarin Monastery, or Dwarven Mine Don't forget to upgrade to a Rune pickaxe at 41 Mining and a Dragon pickaxe at 61 Mining if it can be afforded. From 15 to 60 Mining, 7,753 iron is needed. Alternatively, iron is good for power-leveling in which it'll take 372,344 iron to achieve 99 Mining.

Mining iron at Yanille and banking is a feasible method as 1,000 ore can be mined and banked in an hour for 35,000 XP hourly, but Motherlode Mine at 40 Mining and higher offers semi-AFK'ing and around 20,000 XP per hour.

Completing The Knight's Sword, The Tourist Trap, and both Elemental Workshops I and II collectively grants 39 Smithing as long as the requirements are met to do them. Free players should cast Superheat Item (43 Magic) to nullify the iron's 50% fail rate, but members can wear a Ring of forging per 140 iron ore. Also, one can smelt 900 - 1,200 ores an hour at Edgeville, Port Phasmatys, Neitiznot, or Al-Kharid.

Depending on which avenue you chose along with completion of The Knight's Sword, 29-30 Smithing takes only 52 iron ore to be smelted into bars, 29-35 equals 775 iron ore into bars, or 29-40 requires 1,960 iron. Also, the bars can be made into iron knives, which are profitable, and 900-1,000 bars can be smithed into knives by Varrock West Bank hourly.

It's highly advised that you complete said quests instead though. From here, you can move onto gold-smithing for 55,000 - 115,000 XP hourly depending on furnace or Superheat usage, or cannonballs for wealth and a measly 12,000 XP per hour. All in all, iron knives are also made for profit and offer double the XP per hour (24,000 XPH) than cannonballs.

60-80+ Mining icon.png

30/35-40+ Smithing icon.png
Coal at Motherlode Mine, Mining Guild, or Coal Trucks (for Mining)—Steel cannonballs or Iron knives (for Smithing) Mining 255,214 coal to achieve level 99 yields about 15,000 - 30,000 XP an hour, which is lower than mining iron. Since coal is present in steel and metals above, it's always going to be a good way to profit with Mining. If you want XP, however, consider power-leveling via iron or granite, which offers a high of 80,000 XP hourly, or just mine 34,247 coal since mining gold speeds up at level 80.

Although it's very tedious, free players could look at producing 744,062 steel bars out of 744,062 iron and 1,488,124 coal from level 30 to 99. Assuming that all bars are bought, members at 35 Smithing, on the other hand, can make 2,041,104 cannonballs (four balls are made per bar) from 510,276 steel bars as a slow, reliable means of making money. Regardless, one can smelt around 600 steel bars into cannonballs every hour. Additionally, the amount of steel bars needed would be slightly reduced to 509,801 bars if one did Elemental Workshop 1-2 in addition to Knight's Sword and Tourist Trap, which are strongly mandatory to jumpstart Smithing and achieve level 39.

If you did those four quests, then from level 39 to either level 53 or 73, you can smith either 4,083 iron bars into iron knives or 38,335 bars into knives where each bar yields five knives for said levels respectively. To reach 99, it'll take 519,997 bars!

80+ Mining icon.png
40+ Smithing icon.png
Gold ore at Motherlode Mine or Arzinian Mine Although mining gold at Arzinian Mine, which is accessible after Between a Rock is completed, offers about 20,000 to 45,000 Mining experience an hour, it's best to stick with Motherlode Mine. It requires 169,975 gold to achieve 99 Mining.

Don't smelt gold unless Family Crest is complete for the Goldsmith gauntlets! Otherwise, look to smelt 577,654 gold without the gauntlets. The gauntlets bisect it so that it would take 231,268 gold instead. You'll face around 55,000 XP hourly gold-smithing, but if you utilize Superheat, you can get 110,000 Smithing XP per hour as well as 115,000 Magic XP per hour. Additionally, the gold bars can be made into unstrung gold amulets to mitigate the loss.

53-73+ Smithing icon.png Mithril bolts (unf) Although Mithril bolts (unf) works well from said level upwards, 54 Fletching is also required to fully fletch Mithril bolts! An equal amount of feathers is also needed. It'll require either 17,127 Mithril bars[3] to reach 73 Smithing in which ten bolts are made from each bar, or 257,957 bars[4] to achieve 99 Smithing.
73+ Smithing icon.png Adamantite bolts (unf) 61 Fletching is also required to fully make Adamant bolts! An equal amount of feathers is also needed, but unfeathered bolts sell just as good as feathered ones, thus making said Fletching level and feathering optional. It'll require either 192,665 Adamantite bars[5] to achieve 99 Smithing in which ten bolts are made per bar.
  1. At 41 Mining and higher, use the Motherlode Mine for making money and a semi-AFK method.
  2. Steel, mithril, adamant, and rune bars should all be smelted at the Blast Furnace with the required amounts of coal in abundance.
  3. As always, it would be a lot more economical to buy Mithril ore and coal instead of Mithril bars. Head over to the Blast Furnace with a 1:2 ratio of Mithril ore to coal, and smelt. Doing this until level 73 would require 10,704 ore and 21,408 coal.
  4. Alternatively, the Blast Furnace method would require 161,223 Mithril ore and 322,446 coal for 99 Smithing.
  5. Alternatively, the Blast Furnace method would require 120,416 Adamantite ore and 361,248 coal, which is based on a 1:3 ratio of Adamant ore to coal, for 99 Smithing.

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Culinary Skills

Fishing & Cooking

Level Subject & Location Details
1-20 Fishing icon.png
1-4/4-20 Cooking icon.png
Shrimp at Draynor, Al-Kharid, or Lumbridge Swamp You'll need to net 447 and successfully cook 149 shrimp to reach level 20 in both skills. If Cook's Assistant is done, then it would only require 139 shrimp. Also, keep in mind that food burns, so more than said amounts are needed, which shouldn't be a much of a problem as long as one fishes for seafood instead of buying it.
20-68/80+ Fishing icon.png

20-68/74+ Cooking icon.png
Trout (20 Fishing) and Salmon (30 Fishing) at Shilo Village, west of Fishing Guild by Rasolo, or Barbarian Village Feathers and a fly fishing rod are needed for fly-fishing, so the sum of both fish tells the total number of feathers needed. The approximate total of both trout and salmon that need to be caught is based on a 3:2 ratio of trout to salmon. In layman's terms, look to have about three trout for every two salmon caught. The latter requires 30 Fishing and 25 Cooking, so 178 raw trout and 49 cooked trout are needed to achieve said levels respectively. Additionally, get some Cooking gauntlets via completion of Family Crest to reduce burning food.

Afterwards, 68 Fishing would net about 7,889 trout and 2,818 salmon, or if pursuing 80 Fishing, catch around 26,303 trout and 9,394 salmon, which also yields 40,000 - 50,000 experience per hour. Achieving 99 Fishing, however, involves catching approximately 173,615 trout and 62,006 salmon.

Moreover, 68 Cooking requires around 5,635 trout and 2,192 salmon. Otherwise, 74 Cooking orders 10,314 trout and 4,011 salmon, which grants 75,000 - 100,000 XP per hour. Achieving 99 Cooking, however, involves successfully cooking approximately 124,011 trout and 48,227 salmon.

68-80 Fishing icon.png

68/74-90 Cooking icon.png
Lobsters at the Fishing Guild, Jatizso, Catherby, or Musa Point Also, Barbarian Fishing could grant 40,000 - 60,000 XP hourly at 70 Fishing onwards if seeking XP over money. Yet, if seeking money, it takes 15,345 lobsters caught via a lobster cage for 80 Fishing at XP rates between 25,000 and 30,000 an hour.

Players cease burning lobsters at level 68 with Cooking gauntlets or level 74 without them at roughly 150,000 XP hourly. From level 68 to 74 Cooking, it's 4,094 lobsters, and from level 68 to 90, that's 39,511 lobsters total. It would be a great idea to cook lobsters until level 90 so that you won't burn monkfish when wearing cooking gauntlets.

80+ Fishing icon.png
90+ Cooking icon.png
Monkfish at the Piscatoris Fishing Colony or Tuna, Swordfish and Sharks at the Fishing Guild or Musa Point To achieve 99 Fishing, 92,070 monkfish, which are accessible after completing Swan Song, need to get caught with a small fishing net. At this rate, it's 25,000 to 45,000 XP hourly. Alternatively, if you're harpooning expect around 82,863 tuna, 33,146 swordfish, and 10,044 sharks.

Achieving 99 Cooking off monkfish involves 73,656 monkfish in which they'll stop burning at 90 Cooking with the gauntlets or level 92 without them. Experience rates should be around 140,000-ish an hour!

Swordfish, with and without gauntlets, stop at level 81 and 86 respectively, and the only way to stop sharks from burning is by wearing the gauntlets at 94 Cooking. Look at needing about 66,291 tuna, 23,676 swordfish, and 5,262 sharks anywhere between 125,000 and 190,000+ XP hourly all for 99 Cooking. The approximate total of fish that need to be caught via harpooning is based on 60% tuna, 30% swordfish and 10% sharks.

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Manufacturing Skills


Level Item Details
1-4 Crafting icon.png Sheep Shearer and Goblin Diplomacy Completing Sheep Shearer and Goblin Diplomacy will grant a total of 350 experience good for 4 Crafting.
4-7/8/10 Crafting icon.png Leather gloves It would either require making 23 leather gloves from 4 to 7 Crafting, 34 gloves from level 4 to 8, or 59 gloves from level 4 to 10. Once you've reached 7 Crafting, proceed to making leather boots instead of gloves, which will require either 10 boots to get to level 8, or 32 boots to get to level 10.
8-10/63+ Crafting icon.png Gold amulets (unstrung) For 10 Crafting, make 12 unstrung gold amulets from gold bars and an amulet mould. For 63 Crafting, make 12,260 amulets. Like the Smithing guide, Edgeville, Port Phasmatys, Neitiznot, or Al-Kharid furnace offers the best spot. Lastly, for 99 Crafting, it would take a whopping 434,455 amulets at around 40,000 XP per hour!
10-63 Crafting icon.png 24,497 Flax Spinning flax into bow string is profitable. It's best to spin your flax in either Neitiznot or Lumbridge in which around 1,000 flax can be spun in an hour equivalent to about 15,000 XP hourly. Thus, five hours of gameplay each day results in about 5,000 flax spun daily, which means it should take no longer than five to six days maximum.
63-71+ Crafting icon.png 68,096 Green d'hide bodies (to level 99)
2,398 Green d'hide bodies (to level 71)
The road to level 99 (Route 99) entails 204,288 green dragon leather and 13,620 reels of thread. Otherwise, it'll take only 7,194 green dragon leather and 480 pieces of thread to reach level 71.
71+ Crafting icon.png 58,191 Blue dragonhide bodies Route 99 entails 174,573 blue dragon leather and 11,639 reels of thread.

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Level Item Details
1-9/14/20 Runecrafting icon.png Abyss Miniquest or Air runes Completing the Abyss, which requires Rune Mysteries as a prerequisite, will grant 1,000 Runecrafting experience, and it's recommended to jumpstart the skill. You'll also be awarded with a small pouch. Otherwise, grab 194 rune essence to make air runes to get to level 9. Alternatively, you can stick with them to either level 14 or 20 in which it would require a grand total of 422 or 894 respectively for said levels.
9-14 Runecrafting icon.png Earth runes Craft 176 earth runes! The Earth Altar is a fair distance between Varrock East Bank and the Sawmill. If you've completed the Abyss, then only 171 are needed to reach level 14.
14-20 Runecrafting icon.png Fire runes Craft 338 fire runes! For fast traveling, use a Ring of dueling to teleport from Castle Wars to Duel Arena where the Fire Altar is due north-west and vice versa.
20-27/35/44 Runecrafting icon.png Body runes It'll take 702, 2392, or 6824 body runes to achieve level 27, 35, or 44 respectively. An Amulet of glory should be used for fast transportation among Edgeville and the Body Altar.
27-35 Runecrafting icon.png Cosmic runes Craft 1,585 cosmic runes out of pure essence, which every high-tier rune above body requires! Lost City is required to access the Cosmic Altar in Zanaris, and 46 or 66 Agility is recommended to take advantage of the shortcuts. Alternatively, using the Abyss and Glories will slash crafting time in half. Up to 2,500 runes can be produced hourly via the Abyss!
35-44 Runecrafting icon.png Chaos runes Craft 3,911 chaos runes! Use the Abyss and Glories because the Chaos Altar itself takes forever to reach. From here onwards, the Abyss should be used for all Runecrafting.
44-54+ Runecrafting icon.png Nature runes Craft 10,581 nature runes to get to level 54, or get 1,442,087 pure essence for level 99!
54-65 Runecrafting icon.png Law runes Craft 31,427 law runes! Since the Law Altar is located on Entrana, no items are allowed.
65-82/91 Runecrafting icon.png Death runes Mourning's End Part II is needed to craft death runes! From level 65 to 82, it's 197,166 runes, but level 65 to 91 will require 545,341.
82-91 Runecrafting icon.png Double Astral runes Lunar Diplomacy is needed to craft astral runes! It'll entail 400,201 pure essence to manufacture 800,402 runes (at 20,000 - 30,000 XP an hour).
91+ Runecrafting icon.png Double Nature runes It'll demand 792,400 pure essence to yield 1,584,800 nature runes for 99 Runecrafting (at just above 20,000 XP an hour).

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Level Item Details
1-33 Construction icon.png 315 Crude wooden chairs 630 planks, which can be collected at Barbarian Outpost by the Barbarian Agility Course, and 630 nails are needed to build crude wooden chairs. It would help to bring around 700 nails in case they break though. At 17 Construction, get 10,000 coins, five more planks and five nails to build a workshop with a workbench to speed up training.
33-74 Construction icon.png 2,246 Oak larders A kitchen costs 5,000 coins, and each oak larder requires eight oak planks to build, so that totals to 17,968 oak planks needed. At 40 Construction, build two bedrooms and oak beds costing a total of 20,000 coins, four bolts of cloth and six additional oak planks, and hire a butler. Also, build a dining room for 5,000 coins and a rope bell-pull with an oak plank and a rope. Have your butler fetch your planks as you train, and you can summon him via the bell or Building mode interface if he goes astray.
74+ Construction icon.png 19,897 Oak dungeon doors That's 198,970 oak planks! Also, you'll need to build a Skill Hall (15,000 coins), Quest Hall (25,000 coins), or a dungeon entrance (1 marble block) in a (formal) garden before constructing a dungeon for 7,500 coins. Additionally, a staircase, such as an oak staircase for ten oak planks and four steel bars, is required. Afterwards, have your butler follow you so he can continue doing bank runs.

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Agricultural Skills


Level Item Details
1-15/17 Farming icon.png Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains or
Potatoes/Cabbages, Marigolds, and Guam leaves and/or Sorceress's Garden
Completing Fairytale I - Growing Pains yields 3,500 Farming experience, which awards 17 Farming and Magic secateurs for increased yields, provided that you can defeat a level-111 Tanglefoot. If not, then it requires three seeds of a kind per allotment patch, and one seed for each of the other patches.

If doing potatoes, marigolds, and guam, it'll take roughly 284 potato seeds, 42 marigold seeds, and 9 guam seeds all the way to level 15. Alternatively, roughly 77 potato seeds, 164 cabbage seeds, 42 marigold seeds, and 9 guam seeds will also get you to that level. All seeds can be pickpocketed from master farmers at 38 Thieving, or picking potatoes and cabbages in their fields can occasionally yield seeds.

Farm running entails planting all your seeds in each of the four allotments, which are located in Catherby, Ardougne, Port Phasmatys, and Falador. An example of a successful farm run or lap is starting out in Catherby, running south-west to the Ardougne patch, teleporting via the Ectophial[9] to the Port Phasmatys patch westward, and finishing up at Falador before returning to Catherby to do the cycle all over again.

Playing Sorceress's Garden (winter) can yield 4,000 Farming XP hourly. It's a good way to get low-level herbs and train Farming at mediocre levels in between farm runs.

15/17-25 Farming icon.png Oak trees, Cabbages/Tomatoes[10]/Sweetcorn, Marigolds, and Guam leaves Although it would be better to skip oak trees even at 15 Farming, you can incorporate some in your farm run provided that you can easily get a hold of acorns to grow them. A tree run consists of heading to Gnome Stronghold, Varrock Palace, Lumbridge Castle, Falador Park, and Taverley.

Otherwise, get roughly 506 cabbage seeds or 410 tomato seeds[10], 98 marigold seeds, and 32 guam seeds will also get you there. At level 20, sweetcorn can be planted, so it's either 192 cabbage seeds or 156 tomato seeds to get to that level followed by 302 sweetcorn seeds plus the others to get to level 25.

25-30 Farming icon.png Garden of Tranquility, Apple trees, Sweetcorn, Limpwurt, and Harralander Apple trees can be planted at level 27 or above provided there are apple seeds available. A fruit tree run consists of heading to Catherby, Brimhaven, Gnome Stronghold, Tree Gnome Village, and Lletya.

Completing Garden of Tranquility yields 5,000 XP so that 29 Farming is achieved! From 29 to 30, it's roughly 29 sweetcorn seeds, 4 limpwurt seeds, and 2 harralander seeds.

30-32/51 Farming icon.png Willow trees, Apple trees, Sweetcorn/Strawberries, Limpwurt, and Harralander/Ranarr weed At 31 Farming, strawberries should replace sweetcorn in the farm run. Also, ranarr can be grown at 32 Farming, so it should be grown in place of harralander, and it's a highly sought herb. As mentioned earlier, increments of 300 allotment seeds, 100 flower seeds, and 50-100 herb seeds at a time rather than bulks will suffice, which means 300 sweetcorn/strawberry seeds, 100 limpwurt seeds, and 50-100 ranarr seeds.

Additionally, conduct tree runs with willow seeds, which take 280 minutes to grow, and they require apple baskets for farmer protection. The bulk of Farming XP will come from tree runs from here on out.

51+ Farming icon.png Pineapple trees and Willow trees At this point, vegetables can be omitted, but keep the herb runs with ranarr. Also, focus on tree runs since they yield the bulk of XP.

Additionally, white berries (59 Farming) can be thrown in for bush runs and nice profit before replacing them with poison ivy berries once 70 Farming is reached. A bush run comprises going to Champions' Guild, Rimmington, South Ardougne, and Etceteria.

In addition to tree and bush runs, don't forget to add calquats to the mix at 72 Farming where it can be planted at Brimhaven in Tai Bwo Wannai. No more than 100 are needed, but try limiting your seeds to 50 at a time. If more are needed, they can always be purchased instead of being left with an abundance of unwanted seeds.

  1. It would be better to exhaust increments of 300 allotment seeds, 100 flower seeds, and 50-100 herb seeds at a time than bulks.
  2. An Amulet of Nature can be bound to a farm patch to monitor its condition or state.
  3. Supercompost is best made by picking pineapples near the entrance to Brimhaven Dungeon, banking and depositing 15 of them into each compost bin.
  4. A typical farm or vegetable run involves traveling to each patch, planting the seeds, and repeating the process once they've fully grown. The average vegetable yield is 14 per patch. An example of a successful farm run or lap is starting out in Catherby, running south-west to the Ardougne patch, teleporting via the Ectophial (from doing Ghosts Ahoy) to the Port Phasmatys patch westward, and finishing up at Falador via a Glory teleport to Draynor Village and running to that plot before returning to Catherby to do it all over again.
  5. An herb run is done the same way as a vegetable run, but throw in the disease-free Trollheim/Troll Stronghold herb patch accessible after My Arm's Big Adventure. The average herb yield is six per patch. Vegetable and herb runs go hand in hand!
  6. A bush run comprises going to the Champions' Guild, Rimmington, South Ardougne, and Etceteria, which is accessible after doing Throne of Miscellania. Whenever applicable, bush runs should be coupled with tree runs.
  7. A tree run can also be fit into the aforementioned runs every several hours, but it's best paired with a bush run. It consists of heading to Gnome Stronghold, Varrock Palace, Lumbridge Castle, Falador Park, and Taverley.
  8. Fruit tree runs are done once per day by visiting Catherby, Brimhaven, Gnome Stronghold, Tree Gnome Village, and Lletya, which requires Mourning's Ends Part 1. Calquat trees should also be mixed with fruit tree runs at 72 Farming or higher!
  9. Ghosts Ahoy is needed to get the Ectophial.
  10. 10.0 10.1 A tomato allotment can be protected by two sacks of cabbage, which can be easily picked at the Falador patch.

Vegetable/Herb Runs

  1. At Catherby bank, withdraw at least 24 allotment seeds, 4 flower seeds, 5 herb seeds, Ectophial, several runes to teleport, some coins, and 3 sacks for holding produce.
  2. At the Catherby farm patch, withdraw a rake, seed dibber, spade, and 5 Supercomposts from the tool leprechaun, and farm. You can revisit the bank to unload your harvests if desired.
  3. Run south-west past the yew trees to arrive at the Ardougne farm patch, or teleport straight there with Ardougne cloak 4. Additional banking can be provided via an Ardougne teleport if Plague City is done.
  4. Teleport via the Ectophial, and run westward past the undead farm to the plot west of it.
  5. Skip this step if you haven't did My Arm's Big Adventure. Cast Trollheim Teleport, and navigate the north-west and western obstacles to easily descend the rocky mountain. Head up the ramp into the Troll Stronghold until reaching a door and a ladder near the Troll Generals. Go up and farm your herbs!
  6. Use an Amulet of glory to teleport to Draynor Village, and run to the Falador spot, or just teleport directly there with Explorer's ring 3 or 4. You can also bank in Draynor before heading off to Falador if needed. Since Falador is the finishing point, it would be a good idea to attune your Amulet of nature at one of the patches there.

Bush/Vegetable/Herb Runs

  • Note: If you're timing herbs, then bush runs can be implemented into your farm cycle every other run, so a bush run should be done once for every two herb runs. Remember to attune your Amulet of nature to the ending herb patch so that your routine is done on time.
  1. At Catherby, withdraw said amounts of seeds, but add 4 bush seeds. As usual, farm there first.
  2. Run south-west or teleport via the Ardougne cloak 4 to the Ardougne allotment patch.
  3. Afterwards, go south to the bush patch located south of the Ardougne Zoo by the Ardougne Monastery.
  4. Head north-west to the Spirit tree, which can be used after The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village, to get to the Gnome Stronghold bush patch.
  5. If Throne of Miscellania is done, then the Etceteria bush patch is opened for usage, and it can be accessed via a player-grown spirit tree at 83 Farming. If not, skip it!
  6. The spirit tree can be used to teleport to the Grand Exchange. Use it, and run south to the Champions' Guild bush patch.
  7. From there, go to the Falador farm patch and the Rimmington bush patch.
  8. Next, you can decide to either go to Port Phasmatys with the Ectophial or Trollheim for the remaining allotment and herb patches to conclude your run. It would be better to use Port Phasmatys as your last since using the Amulet of nature on the disease-free Trollheim herb patch would be a waste when it could be used on the other disease-prone patches instead. 

Bush/Tree Runs

  1. At Varrock West Bank or the Grand Exchange, withdraw 5 willow saplings, 5 baskets of apples, and 4 bush seeds, and head to the Champions' Guild bush patch and Varrock Palace tree patch to farm.
  2. Use the Spirit tree from the shortcut, and go to Gnome Stronghold.
  3. From the spirit tree, the Gnome Stronghold tree and bush patches, and the Etceteria bush patch (Throne of Miscellania and a player-grown spirit tree) can all be accessed.
  4. From there, take the spirit tree to the Battlefield of Khazard, and either run south-east to the bush patch at the Ardougne Monastery or teleport there via the Ardougne cloak.
  5. Next, return to the spirit tree to use either a Gnome glider at Gnome Stronghold to go to Al Kharid and Lumbridge, or just use a Lumbridge Home Teleport.
  6. Run behind Lumbridge Castle and plant your tree before going to Rimmington for the bush patch.
  7. After farming at Rimmington, go to Falador Park and Taverley to plant your last two trees.

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Level Item Details
1-3 Herblore icon.png Druidic Ritual Completing Druidic Ritual, which yields 250 experience, is required to begin the Herblore skill!
3-9/26 Herblore icon.png Jungle Potion or Attack potions If you can fend off aggressive level-53 Jogres, then do Jungle Potion for the 775 XP reward. Coupled with Druidic Ritual, both quests completed will put you at 9 Herblore. If not, then make 340 Attack potions from 340 Guam leaves, 340 eyes of newt and 340 water-filled vials to get to level 26.
9-13/15/26 Herblore icon.png Recruitment Drive and/or Attack potions Assuming that the aforementioned quests are completed in addition to Recruitment Drive, you'll be at level 13, and you'll need only 16 Attack potions for level 15. Alternatively, if you've chosen to do said quests to reach level 13, then getting to level 26 entails making 269 attack potions.
15-26/38 Herblore icon.png Serum 207 Shades of Mort'ton is required to produce Serum 207! Nonetheless, 95 or 528 Serums (Tarromin and ashes) with all said quests are required for either level 26 or 38 respectively. Otherwise, doing only Shades of Mort'ton will require that 87 or 520 Serums are made for either level 26 or 38 respectively. Ash can easily be obtained from popular Firemaking training areas.
25+ Herblore icon.png Grimy herbs Cleaning grimy herbs can reward fairly good experience and often results in a profit. To find out if money will be lost or gained, look at the cost of the grimy herb, and compare it to the cost of the clean herb.

A player can clean around 5,000 and upwards of 10,000 herbs per hour under the right conditions especially if mouse keys are used. This is a very tedious method, however.

26-38 Herblore icon.png Energy potions Make roughly 322 Energy potions from 322 Harralander and 322 chocolate dust.
38-52/55+ Herblore icon.png Prayer potions Make 1,066 Prayer potions (Ranarr weed and Snape grass) for 52 Herblore, 1,557 for 55 Herblore, or 148,618 for 99 Herblore. Snape grass is best obtained on Waterbirth Island. These potions sell well since they're in very high demand and are the most sought potions!
52-55/81 Herblore icon.png Super energy potions Make 366 Super energy potions (Avantoe and Mort myre fungi) to get to level 55, or make 17,610 to get to 81. Fungi can be collected by setting up a house with a Kharyll Portal and gilded altar and casting Bloom on the three logs a bit south-west of the gate entrance of Mort Myre Swamp. As mentioned above, it would be better to do Prayer potions instead.
55-63/72 Herblore icon.png Super strength potions Make 1,616 (for level 63) or 5,861 (for level 72) Super strength potions (Kwuarm and limpwurt roots). If done correctly, you can break even making these potions.
63-72 Herblore icon.png Super restore potions Make 3,724 Super restores (Snapdragon and red spiders' eggs).
72-81+ Herblore icon.png Ranging potions Make 7,961 (for level 81) or 74,678 (for level 99) Ranging potions (Dwarf weed and Wine of Zamorak).
81+ Herblore icon.png Saradomin brews Make 60,232 Saradomin brews (Toadflax and crushed nests).

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Predatory/Support Skills


  • Note: Before training, always remember to bring all of your necesarry items. It can be very annoying to have to run back to a bank or Hunter shop while you are far away from either. Also, Weight-reducing clothing can be very helpful.
  • Note: It also may be a good idea to bring some spare food in case that you have to run near dangerous monsters to get to your training spot.
Level Subject & Location Details
1-11/19 Hunter icon.png Crimson swiftsFeldip Hunter area Purchase two bird snares at Aleck's Hunter Emporium in Yanille, and head south to the hunter spot in Feldip Hills. These birds are in the beach area to the east, and it's best to setup your trap just south of the jungle tree and fern by the water.
Additionally, if the Varrock quiz is completed, you can go from level 1 to 9 with the 1,000 experience rewards in both Hunter and Slayer.
11-19 Hunter icon.png Cerulean twitchesRellekka Hunter area In the snowy hunter area to the north-east of Rellekka and north of the Keldagrim cave entrance, cerulean twitches are found. These birds offer 64.5 XP per catch compared to the 34 XP that their crimson counterparts offer.
19-33 Hunter icon.png Tropical wagtailsFeldip Hunter area If you chose to hunt cerulean twitches out in Rellekka, return to Feldip Hills to hunt tropical wagtails. The best spot to catch these specifically is located slightly north of the hunting expert's hut between the jungle and tropical tree. Their feathers are used to catch rainbow fish other than Fletching and baiting barb-tailed kebbits, which should be hunted at level 33.
33-43/47 Hunter icon.png Barb-tailed kebbitsFeldip Hunter area Grab an axe and a knife, and go back to the crimson swifts. Resume catching crimsons as you set up deadfall traps to catch the kebbits using the knife and axe.
43-47 Hunter icon.png Spotted kebbitsFalconry Withdraw 500 coins from the bank, and deposit any weapon, shield and gloves if worn. Go to the Piscatoris Hunter Area and into the Falconry. Borrow the falcon to catch spotted kebbits, and be prepared to pay 500 GP again only if you exit the Falconry. The fur can be used to make spotted capes!
47-59 Hunter icon.png Orange SalamandersUzer Hunter area You'll need at least three small fishing nets, ropes, and some protection like waterskins to fight the effects of desert heat. Extra nets and rope could come in handy too! Pass through Shanty Pass, and head east until you've reached a bridge. Cross it, and the spot is a bit more east.
59-63/80 Hunter icon.png Red salamanders—west of Khazard Battlefield Red salamanders are located west of the Battlefield and north of Castle Wars. They can provide anywhere from 50,000 to 120,000 XP hourly!
63/80+ Hunter icon.png Carnivorous chinchompasFeldip Hunter area Take a minimum of four box traps, and revisit Feldip Hills. Go south-west past the hunter expert to the teardrop-shaped lake. Set up your traps in a diamond, square or X-formation on the north-west side of the lake to the east of the adjacent jungle tree and the nearby fern with one of your traps directly next to it. Your traps should be parallel to the vine and by the fern.

After each successful catch, click on the trap that contains the red chinchompa, and click on a spare trap to quickly set another one. If a pesky hunter is present, attempt to set a trap one square away from where you wish to initially set it, but pick it up immediately, and move to that square and proceed to finish setting up another trap. It'll take 47,796 red chinchompas from level 63 or 41,692 red chinchompas from level 80 to get to level 99.

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  • Note: For best results, limit your target's moving range by trapping him/her inside a room. To successfully lure a target or victim, attack once and run inside a building. Afterwards, go upstairs and back down. The target should no longer be hostile towards you, thus allowing pickpocketing. If s/he is trapped in a corner, remember to allow him/her some movement, or s/he will return back to his/her original spot in four to five minutes. Also, equip an arrow-less bow to prevent accidental attacking.
Level Subject & Location Details
1-5/20 Thieving icon.png Men or WomenEdgeville or Lumbridge Begin your life of crime in Edgeville since there are lots of men to steal from roaming in the building north of the bank. If you plan on suiciding, however, remain in Lumbridge, and pickpocket the men and women hanging around Bob's Brilliant Axes. Try trapping them inside of the buildings, and remember to drop all your loot just before you die, so you can respawn and pick up your loot before anyone else does.
5-20 Thieving icon.png Head down to either the tea stall in Varrock or the easternmost bakery stall in Ardougne Marketplace. After stealing tea from the former, it takes eight seconds to restock. The latter, however, will require that you avoid the patrolling guards and locking them inside nearby buildings to avoid confrontations.
20-30/40/55 Thieving icon.png Silk stallsArdougne Marketplace Follow the same method as stealing from the bakery stall. It's best to steal from the north-eastern silk stall though. You can choose to sell a full load of silk to either players for 1,400 - 1,500 coins or to the silk merchant, but you must leave Ardougne and return at a later time if you wish to sell to him.

If you're into Combat, complete The Feud at 30 Thieving to get to level 37. You may return to silk afterwards.

Alternatively, the spring section of the Sorceress's Garden opens up at 25 Thieving making it a good alternative to level up for The Feud. Spring sq'irks also grant Farming experience and is good to 45 Thieving.

40/45-55 Thieving icon.png GuardsFalador or Ardougne If suiciding again, have your spawn point set in Falador after completing Recruitment Drive. You can pickpocket the guards roaming around the Falador Teleport destination. Remember to drop all your loot before dying so that you can quickly reclaim it after you spawn. This should result in 15,000 - 24,000 XP per hour.

Alternatively, go to Pollnivneach at level 45, and lure and knock out bearded Pollnivnian bandits wielding steel scimitars and blackjacks until level 55. Using a maple blackjack, first lure one into a tent, knock him out, and pick his pockets twice while he's out cold. Go up the ladder and back down if you've made a mistake to regain tolerance. Blackjacking can reach highs at 240,000 XP per hour if done correctly.

Otherwise, from level 45, players can attempt the autumn area of Sorceress's Garden. This is considered by many players to be a lot more fun and can give decent XP per hour depending on the technique and stamina.

55-65/91 Thieving icon.png Ardougne KnightsArdougne Marketplace Like thieving via the non-suicide method, you'll need to trap your victim in a nearby building, and go to town with the pickpocketing. If you need food, you can steal from the bakery stall to replenish.
55-65 Thieving icon.png If planning to pickpocket Pollnivnian bandits, go after the non-bearded ones wielding steel scimitars and steel kiteshields. These can be mugged just like the bearded ones using a maple blackjack by luring one into a tent, knocking him out, and picking his pockets twice while he's out.

On the other hand, the wall safes found in Rogues' Den grant about 20,000 XP hourly. You can purchase a stethoscope from Martin Thwait.

65-91+ Thieving icon.png After completing The Feud, Menaphites can be mugged using an offensive maple blackjack. Like the bandits, lure one into the tent connected to the camel pen, knock him out, and pick his pockets twice. If you fail and get attacked, go up the nearby ladder and back down. Heal by buying liquor from the local bar if needed. For optimal results, set up single-click mouse, mouse keys, and use the '5' key. Pickpocketing menaphites goes all the way up to 220,000 XP hourly and is faster and more profitable than Pyramid Plunder.

Also, the summer zone of the Sorceress's Garden activity is now accessible and can be one-clicked allowing for decent experience rates with a proper strategy. It should also be noted that this grants a fair amount of Farming XP as well. After a while, when you get used to the movement of the Summer Elementals, you can do it in about 45 seconds, which is 80 runs an hour and 120,000 XP hourly.

You can get approximately 20,000 - 45,000 XP hourly and seeds for Farming from master farmers. Pickpocket Martin the Master Gardener by trapping him inside the Draynor Village pigpen, or go after the one near Ardougne and trap him inside a house. It is a good idea to pre-buy the more expensive seeds while exploiting your thievery, so you won't have to bank or drop the less expensive ones. If low on health, replenish it either by eating at the bank if you have food there, or ransack the bakery stalls. Since seeds are expensive and scarce, it's a great idea to stick to master farmers all the way to level 99.

91+ Thieving icon.png Pyramid Plunder Bring some Rune armour, Super-antipoison and food! Hold off looting until you reach Room 7, which is the second-to-last room. Loot everything except the sarcophagus saving the chest for last, and head to the final room, Room 8, at half time. Like Room 7, continue looting all the urns first and the chest last before time expires. If you have some time left, you may loot the sarcophagus. Heal up and cure any poison incurred in-between sessions while at the mummy. Bank all your golden artifacts, and keep the Pharaoh's sceptre. Plundering should get you about 200,000 XP each hour!

At 95+ Thieving, consider trying the master farmer near Ardougne in order to make a decent profit and moderate experience. At said level while equipped with Gloves of silence, failing will become so rare that you can get approximately 70,000 - 100,000 XP hourly. Trapping him near East Ardougne can significantly raise your XP rates and profits. Remember to pre-buy the more expensive seeds while thieving so you won't have to bank or drop the less expensive ones. Bakery stalls can be pillaged to refill health!

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Level Subject/Location Details
1-20/25/30/35 Agility icon.png Gnome Stronghold Agility Course or The Tourist Trap Grab some Boots of lightness in the Temple of Ikov with a knife and a lit candle en route to the Gnome Stronghold. However, if you want to jump to level 26 without burning a few hours, then completing the Tourist Trap instead yields 9,300 total experience if it's all placed on Agility.
20-25/30/45 Agility icon.png Al-Kharid Rooftop Agility Depending whether the Tourist Trap is done or not for 26 Agility, the Al-Kharid Rooftop Agility Course at Ellis' shop is still a good alternate option, and it could suffice until level 45. At 25 Agility, you can choose to proceed with the course, move on, or tackle a level-172 Black demon to complete The Grand Tree quest for 7,900 Agility XP. Furthermore, if both Grand Tree and Tourist Trap quests are completed, that's good for 32 Agility off said quests.
25-35/40 Agility icon.png Werewolf Skullball south-east of Canifis and/or The Grand Tree Creature of Fenkenstrain is required to get a Ring of Charos in order to access Werewolf Skullball. You can gain 750 Agility experience if you complete the course in under four minutes, which is 11,250 XP per hour. For every three seconds over 4 minutes, however, you will lose about 7-8 experience.

Yet, if you can slay a level-172 Black demon, then completion of The Grand Tree awards 7,900 XP. Thus, you'd have reached 31 Agility. Again, if both Grand Tree and Tourist Trap are done, that's 32 Agility!

30-35/40 Agility icon.png Varrock Agility Course or Al Kharid Agility Course The Varrock Agility Course provides decent rates around 12,000 to 13,000 Agility XP an hour, but the Al Kharid Agility Course, which offers 10,000 XP an hour, would be a better choice. For now, it might be better to stick to Rooftop rather than conventional courses.
35-40/50/52 Agility icon.png Barbarian Outpost Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl is a prerequisite to access said course. Bring some cake, which can be stolen from Ardougne Baker's Stalls, or a few baskets of strawberries to survive damage from failing obstacles.
40/45-50/52 Agility icon.png Canifis Agility Course or Brimhaven Agility Arena Canifis yields around 20,000 XP an hour. It would be best to equip Wolfbane to prevent the NPC's from transforming into werewolves.

On the other hand, Brimhaven requires food and potions like cakes and Restore/Agility potions to offset stat-lowering obstacles and failing. At a ticket per minute, that would be equivalent to about 14,000 to 15,000 XP per hour at Brimhaven, but it still could be used all the way to level 99 only if desired although there are better courses.

50/52-60 Agility icon.png Falador Agility Course or Canifis Agility Course Climb the south wall of the building located east of the dwarf who sells the Mining Skillcape to reach the Falador Agility Course. It yields around 20,000 to 25,000 XP hourly, but it would be wise to keep on the Canifis Agility Course until 60 Agility.
52/60-70/75 Agility icon.png Wilderness Agility Course This course is located in Deep Wilderness, so bring nothing other than food, such as lobsters, and a weapon like a Dragon dagger (p++). Also, if you fail an obstacle, you must go back behind and redo it to get full XP. It yields around 45,000 XP hourly!
60-70/75 Agility icon.png Seers' Village Agility Course or Werewolf Agility Course The former gives 45,000 to 46,000 XP hourly and is accessed via the south wall of the bank on the east side of the doors. In contrast to, the latter requires the Ring of Charos from Creature of Fenkenstrain and only gives around 40,000 XP hourly. Also, food is needed for staying above 40 Hitpoints since failing the death slide can deal heavy damage. All in all, Seers' Village is the ideal choice!
70/75-80 Agility icon.png Pollnivneach Agility Course or Ape Atoll Agility Course Ape Atoll gives 45,000 to 52,000 XP hourly and requires Monkey Madness and the ninja monkey greegree. It's impossible to fail after 75 Agility is reached, but it's wise to bring a knife to slice the pineapples into pineapple rings to heal if below level 75. Pollnivneach, on the contrary, yields around 52,000 XP hourly, and it's accessed via climbing on the basket on the south-east corner outside the camel seller's shop.
80-85/90 Agility icon.png Rellekka Agility Course It yields around 54,000 XPH hourly! Fremennik Isles is required to use Rellekka's features and facilities, however.
80/85+ Agility icon.png Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon Agility Course Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course also yields around 54,000 XP hourly, and it requires wielding a Dramen/Lunar staff to access the dungeon via Fairy Ring code AJQ. Also, wear a mining helmet to see, and climb up the ladder to the north-west of the ring. Additionally, you must speak to Turgall, who is in the generator room to the east, and retrieve his item by placing the spanner in Slot 1, 2, or 3 in your inventory according to cog, lever, or power box to remember easily.
90+ Agility icon.png Ardougne Agility Course This last course offers the best XP around at 62,000 XP hourly! Simply climb the wooden beams south-east of the market square.

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See this page for a detailed Slayer guide.