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Table of Quests

Name Difficulty Length Quest Points Members
Animal Magnetism Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
Another Slice of H.A.M. Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
Between a Rock... Experienced Medium 2 Yes
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Intermediate Short 2 Yes
Biohazard Novice Long 3 Yes
Black Knights' Fortress Novice Short 3 No
Cabin Fever Experienced Medium 2 Yes
Clock Tower Novice Medium 1 Yes
Cold War Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
Contact! Master Medium 1 Yes
Cook's Assistant Novice Short 1 No
Creature of Fenkenstrain Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
Darkness of Hallowvale Intermediate Long 2 Yes
Death Plateau Novice Medium 1 Yes
Death to the Dorgeshuun Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
Demon Slayer Novice Medium 3 No
Desert Treasure Master Long 3 Yes
Devious Minds Experienced Short 1 Yes
The Digsite Intermediate Long 2 Yes
Doric's Quest Novice Short 1 No
Dragon Slayer Experienced Long 2 No
Dream Mentor Experienced Short 2 Yes
Druidic Ritual Novice Short 4 Yes
Dwarf Cannon Novice Short 1 Yes
Eadgar's Ruse Experienced Medium 1 Yes
Eagles' Peak Novice Short 2 Yes
Elemental Workshop I Novice Short 1 Yes
Elemental Workshop II Intermediate Short 1 Yes
Enakhra's Lament Experienced Medium 2 Yes
Enlightened Journey Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
Ernest the Chicken Novice Short 4 No
The Eyes of Glouphrie Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
Fairytale I - Growing Pains Experienced Long 2 Yes
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
Family Crest Experienced Long 1 Yes
The Feud Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
Fight Arena Experienced Medium 2 Yes
Fishing Contest Novice Short 1 Yes
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
The Fremennik Isles Experienced Long 1 Yes
The Fremennik Trials Intermediate Long 3 Yes
Garden of Tranquillity Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
Gertrude's Cat Novice Short 1 Yes
Ghosts Ahoy Intermediate Long 2 Yes
The Giant Dwarf Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
Goblin Diplomacy Novice Medium 5 No
The Golem Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
The Grand Tree Experienced Long 5 Yes
The Great Brain Robbery Experienced Medium 2 Yes
Grim Tales Master Medium 1 Yes
The Hand in the Sand Experienced Medium 1 Yes
Haunted Mine Experienced Medium 2 Yes
Hazeel Cult Novice Medium 1 Yes
Heroes' Quest Experienced Long 1 Yes
Holy Grail Intermediate Long 2 Yes
Horror From The Deep Experienced Short 2 Yes
Icthlarin's Little Helper Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
Imp Catcher Novice Medium 1 No
In Aid of the Myreque Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
In Search of the Myreque Intermediate Short 2 Yes
Jungle Potion Novice Short 1 Yes
King's Ransom Experienced Medium 1 Yes
The Knight's Sword Intermediate Medium 1 No
Legends' Quest Master Long 4 Yes
Lost City Experienced Medium 3 Yes
The Lost Tribe Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
Lunar Diplomacy Intermediate Long 2 Yes
Making History Intermediate Medium 3 Yes
Merlin's Crystal Intermediate Long 6 Yes
Monk's Friend Novice Short 1 Yes
Monkey Madness Master Very Long 3 Yes
Mountain Daughter Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
Mourning's Ends Part I Master Long 2 Yes
Mourning's Ends Part II Master Long 2 Yes
Murder Mystery Novice Short 3 Yes
My Arm's Big Adventure Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
Nature Spirit Novice Medium 2 Yes
Observatory Quest Novice Short 2 Yes
Olaf's Quest Intermediate Short 1 Yes
One Small Favour Intermediate Long 2 Yes
Pirate's Treasure Novice Short 2 No
Plague City Novice Long 1 Yes
Priest in Peril Novice Medium 1 Yes
Prince Ali Rescue Novice Medium 3 No
Rag and Bone Man Novice Short 1 Yes
Rat Catchers Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
Recipe for Disaster Master Long 10 Yes
Recruitment Drive Novice Short 1 Yes
Regicide Master Long 3 Yes
Romeo and Juliet Novice Short 5 No
Roving Elves Master Short 1 Yes
Royal Trouble Experienced Medium 1 Yes
Rum Deal Experienced Medium 2 Yes
Rune Mysteries Novice Short 1 No
Scorpion Catcher Intermediate Short 1 Yes
Sea Slug Intermediate Short 1 Yes
Shades of Mort'ton Intermediate Short 3 Yes
Shadow of the Storm Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
Sheep Herder Novice Short 4 Yes
Sheep Shearer Novice Short 1 No
Shield of Arrav Novice Medium 1 No
Shilo Village Experienced Long 2 Yes
Slug Menace Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
A Soul's Bane Novice Short 1 Yes
Spirits of the Elid Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
Swan Song Master Medium 2 Yes
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Intermediate Long 2 Yes
A Tail of Two Cats Intermediate Medium 2 Yes
Tears of Guthix Intermediate Short 1 Yes
Temple of Ikov Experienced Long 1 Yes
The Restless Ghost Novice Short 1 No
Throne of Miscellania Experienced Medium 1 Yes
The Tourist Trap Intermediate Long 2 Yes
Tower of Life Novice Short 2 Yes
Tree Gnome Village Intermediate Long 2 Yes
Tribal Totem Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
Troll Romance Experienced Medium 2 Yes
Troll Stronghold Experienced Medium 1 Yes
Underground Pass Experienced Long 5 Yes
Vampire Slayer Novice Short 3 No
Wanted! Intermediate Short 1 Yes
Watchtower Intermediate Long 4 Yes
Waterfall Quest Intermediate Long 1 Yes
What Lies Below Intermediate Medium 1 Yes
Witch's House Intermediate Medium 4 Yes
Witch's Potion Novice Short 1 No
Zogre Flesh Eaters Intermediate Long 1 Yes