Lizardman Shaman Rare Drop Table Rates

Hello, I was directly to you by Spineweilder, as you were the one who added the information I have questions about.

If I may ask, where did you find the exact drop rates of the Lizardman Shaman's Rare Drop Table? It seems like the values were calculated, but the numbers seem unusual. My friends and I have killed close to 7000 Lizardman Shamans together, and we question the extremely high rarities presented in these drop tables. We usually average around ~150 kills an hour each and we walk away with an average of 2-3 crystal key pieces each, as opposed to the less than 1 that your drop rate would suggest.

Furthermore, Rune Battleaxes, Arrows, Bars, and more, all seem to be far more common on the scale of a multi-thousand sample size than the similar multi-thousand rarity presented by the page.

Finally, though this could just be luck, we both received Dragon Spears, I received a Shield Left Half, and my friend received a Dragon Med helm. All of this in slightly less than 7000 Shamans. Because of this, along with the seeming contradiction by the main Rare Drop Table page, I must ask you have the Lizardman Shaman Rare Drop Table rarities were calculated. Thanks for any help.

Assaltwaffle (talk) 21:22, June 13, 2018 (UTC)Assaltwaffle

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