Utrec chathead.png

Utrec is a dwarf in the Mining Guild, found by the amethyst crystals.


  • Utrec: All this mining is tiring work.
  • Player: But you're not even mining at the moment.
  • Utrec: Hey! I've been mining all day thank you very much! I'm allowed a break ain't I?
  • Player: Yes, I suppose.
  • Utrec: I should think so. Anyway did you need anything?
  • Player: What are these rocks?
    • Utrec: Rocks? They're not rocks, they're minerals!
    • Player: Oh okay. What are they though?
    • Utrec: Amethyst! We use it a lot back in Keldagrim but this is the only place we've managed to find it.
    • Player: What can I use it for?
    • Utrec: We've found it's quite good for ranging ammunition, something you adventuring lot might like.
    • Utrec: We use it a lot for Construction back in Keldagrim as well.
    • Player: Awesome! Does that mean I can use it in my house?
    • Utrec: No.
    • Player: Why not?
    • Utrec: Because I said so that's why! Even the best human builders wouldn't know how to build with this stuff.
    • Player: Awww.
  • Player: No thanks.
    • Utrec: Well be on your way then. I've got mining to do!

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