Burgh de Rott Meiyerditch

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Vampyre Juvenile (Meiyerditch, male) chathead.png

Vampyre Juvenile (Meiyerditch, female) chathead.png

Vampyre Juveniles are the lowest rank of vampyres. They can be found in the woods east of Burgh de Rott, in Meiyerditch, and inside the Crombwick Manor. They can be harmed by any weapon, but become mist and retreat at low health unless they are held with the special attack of the Rod of ivandis or Ivandis flail and then fed a Guthix balance, at which point they may return to human form, die instantly, or become a feral vampyre.

When successfully returning a Juvenile to human, Benjamin, Liam, Miala or Verak will hand the player a noted reward. If the Juvinate was returned to a human in Meiyerditch, a Former Vampyre will appear instead.


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Vampyre dust.png Vampyre dust 1 Always 763
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