Human Vampyre

Vanescula Drakan chathead
Vanescula Drakan (vampyre) chathead

Vanescula Drakan is one of three vampyre nobles, alongside her brothers, Ranis and Lord Drakan. Both Vanescula and Ranis run Meiyerditch for Lord Drakan.

She makes a small appearance during the quest Darkness of Hallowvale, where she can be found enjoying a chalice of blood with her brother Ranis Drakan and vampyre noble Vanstrom Klause. Also during the quest, Sarius Guile, Vanescula's servant, restrains Vanstrom from killing the player to interject information reguarding Vanescula's interest for Safalaan.

During the quest A Taste of Hope, she is briefly shown during the final cutscene, hovering over the dead body of Ranis. She speaks of how Lord Drakan will be "very displeased" at his death.

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