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The Vanguard are a trio of Xeric's former commanders encountered in the Chambers of Xeric.

Each Vanguard is weak to a specific attack attack style:

  • The range Vanguard is weak to Melee attacks.
  • The melee Vanguard is weak to Magic attacks.
  • The mage Vanguard is weak to Range attacks.

Upon defeat of all three Vanguards, the vanguard judgement will appear on the ground, giving the player some insight as to how the Vanguard came to be.

Fighting the Vanguard

A trio of players battle against the Vanguard.


The three Vanguards originally spawn underground. When a player gets near one of the holes, all three will burst from the ground.

Each Vanguard uses one side of the combat triangle: Melee, Magic and Ranged. The melee Vanguard has tentacles flailing out, the magic Vanguard has no tentacles flailing out, while the ranged Vanguard is carrying rocks. After a short period of battling, the Vanguards will return to the shells and move around the arena; during this time, they are immune to attacks.

To harm the Vanguards, damage must be spread equally to all three Vanguards.If one Vanguard's health is significantly lower than the others, All Vanguard will heal to full health when they return to their shells, prolonging the fight. If the Vanguards are at the same health percentage or within under 20% difference of eachother, they will not heal themselves.

The Vanguard seem to have very high defence, so using Verac's armour set may be useful in killing them quickly.

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