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Vanstrom Klause is one of the brutal henchmen of Lord Drakan and member of the Vyrewatch who rules Morytania. Vanstrom is a murderous fiend who strikes terror into the hearts of the Myreque, a resilient group of people from Morytania dedicated to fighting their vampyre overlords.


Vanstrom, as far as anyone knows, is first met in the Hair of the Dog tavern in Canifis on a mission to locate the Myreque to supposedly give them weapons.

After they were found in the In Search of the Myreque quest, Vanstrom came and brutally murdered two Myreque members, but the rest managed to escape and flee. However, Vanstrom has a mission to put the Myreque to an end and follows hot on the trail.

Vanstrom is believed to have ordered Vampyre Juvinates to ambush Ivan Strom on his way to the temple. This attack failed.

After returning to Meiyerditch he was last seen discussing plans with Ranis and Vanescula Drakan before vanishing somewhere into their castle.

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