Varrock Square

Varrock Square is a square found directly south of Varrock Palace. It contains a large fountain with four statues on each side, which are the square's signature landmarks, with Benny selling newspapers nearby. The fountain is a monument to four princes who fell in battle against the forces of Morytania. Players teleporting to Varrock appear here, unless you have completed the medium Varrock Diary and changed your teleport to south of the Grand Exchange.

Varrock Square location

Varrock Square is one of the city's largest business centres, and as such hosts a number of shops and open-air stalls. Full stores such as Varrock General Store, Thessalia's Fine Clothes, and Zaff's Superior Staves surround the square. Baraek's fur stall can also be found here. Benny also maintains a newsstand here, from which players can buy Varrock Herald newspapers. Gypsy Aris also runs a fortune-telling tent adjacent to the square, although this is used only during the Demon Slayer quest. A number of non-player characters also wander the square, including Shilop, Wilough and Baraek. Romeo can also be found here, who can be spoken to in order to begin the Romeo & Juliet quest. Toby can be found here to begin the Varrock Diary.


Several quests are involved in Varrock Square, such as:

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