Vasa Nistirio is one of the bosses encountered in the Chambers of Xeric. One of the former Arceuus House elders, he accompanied Xeric during his exile and became mad over time.


Vasa Nistirio is initially seen as a pile of rocks. Upon approaching the pile, he will animate himself and start the fight. He will also raise a purple flame at the entrance, which will damage players who pass through it. For teams, the player with the least amount of Hitpoints should initiate the battle in Melee gear and stand next to him; then, teammates should cross the flame and pray magic next to him. After his magical attack, players can pray range.

It is recommended to use the Protect from Missiles prayer, as while walking to the crystals, Vasa will throw rocks at the team, which can deal significant damage. Fortunately, these rocks can be avoided by running away from the spot they are thrown at (the rocks have a 3x3 AoE).

Throughout the fight, Vasa will move towards a cluster of crystals, which are located in the corners of the room. These crystals will heal Vasa, so it is important to target them as quick as possible to minimise the amount of healing he can perform. They are weak to stab attacks. If the crystals are not destroyed in time, Vasa will use his special attack upon returning to the middle of the room. Otherwise, he will walk to another set of crystals.

Vasa has a special attack where he will teleport everyone in the room. Half of the team will be teleported to the edges, while the remaining half will be teleported next to him (if soloing, you will always be teleported to him). Those next to him will be stunned and have their prayers disabled. Those teleported to the edges should run to the center and active Protect from Magic. Vasa will unleash a magical barrage against everyone next to him, dealing massive damage. Players inside of the attack with Protect from Magic on will take 0 damage and reduce the damage dealt to the players who are stunned by half. He is immune to attacks while charging his special attack.

It is unknown how the damage works, though it seems to be scaled based on the team's current average Hitpoints. A quick counter against this attack is to "tick eat"; eating food (or a drinking a brew) just before the barrage hits. Quickly heal back up though, as Vasa will start throwing rocks after performing his special attack.

Players under Vasa will take rapid stomp damage from him.



Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Nistirio's manifesto Nistirio's manifesto 1 Always Not sold
Endarkened juice Endarkened juice 5 Always Not sold
Xeric's aid (4) Xeric's aid (+) 2 Always Not sold
Twisted potion (4) Twisted (+) 2 Always Not sold

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