Veos chathead

Veos is a portmaster, located at the northernmost dock in Port Sarim. He will take players to Great Kourend's Piscarilius House and Land's End in Zeah, a large continent west of the mainland. From Piscarilius House, he will offer travel to Land's End and Port Sarim.

He is the starting point for the Client of Kourend quest, where he requests the player to help his client in gathering knowledge on the five houses of Great Kourend. Towards the end of the quest, it is discovered Veos was unaware of the interactions they had during this time, and was actually possessed by his client the whole time.

Veos in Port Sarim

Veos's ship in Port Sarim.

During Dragon Slayer II, players ask him about Camorra, to which he suggests that players visit the Library Historical Archive for more information.


Veos's ship

Veos's ship, docked in a small port near Port Tyras.

He was released silently along with the Grand Exchange, located in a dock south of Port Tyras and north-west of Zul-Andra. If players asked about his origins, he will refuse to answer, but will whisper to the player that "we are not alone". During the 2015 Christmas event he was relocated to his current location, but did not allow players to board his ship, as it was unable to set sail just yet due to it requiring repairs.


When docked at Port Tyras:

  • Player: Who're you? I've never seen you around these parts before.
  • Veos: I am Veos. Port master and scout for an elite Triumvirate.
  • Player: Triumvirate?
  • Player: Who? Where? Why have you suddenly docked here?
  • Veos: These are questions to which you shall not find answers, adventurer.
  • Player: Then why are you here?
  • Veos: There are secrets in this world for which you are not ready.
  • Veos whispers...
  • Veos: Yo.... we, are not alone.

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