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Ver Sinhaza is a castle found in the southern sector of Meiyerditch, where the vampyre noble Verzik Vitur currently resides. Beneath the castle is the Theatre of Blood, where people take on ferocious monsters and challenges set up by Verzik to provide entertainment for the vampyres.

According to Garth, the castle was once home to the Saradominist queen, Queen Efaritay.

The entrance to Ver Sinhaza, which houses the Theatre of Blood.

Getting there

Players who have completed A Taste of Hope may teleport directly to Ver Sinhaza by rubbing Drakan's medallion. Alternatively, players may pay 10,000 coins to Andras north of the Ectofuntus in Port Phasmatys to travel to Slepe, then run south from there. Players can also use an Ectophial to travel to the Ectofuntus and run south from there.

The bank in Ver Sinhaza, displaying the massive amount of wealth.

Otherwise, the player will need to traverse from Burgh de Rott and ride the boat there to Meiyerditch.



  • The name "Vér Színháza" translates to "Theatre of Blood" in Hungarian.
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